Calipari continues his run

It's the same old story, Calipari finds a way to close with Aaron and Andrew Harrison.

The Kentucky Wildcats are on an extended recruiting run the likes that we haven't seen in quite some time. Basically since the moment he got the job when John Calipari lured in John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, and DeMarcus Cousins, things have been on fire in Lexington, and again they got their top guard priorities on Thursday evening.

When Andrew Harrison and Aaron Harrison made their announcement to attend Kentucky on live TV choosing the school over Maryland and to a lesser extent SMU, it wasn't a great shock. Now there was some intrigue going into the announcement as the Terrapins had a lot working in their favor.

The Harrison family has deep ties to Baltimore, Maryland has been recruiting them the longest, and then the much played up and somewhat overhyped factor of Under Armour being a prime sponsor of the Terrapins program and the twins playing for an AAU club sponsored by the company.

Still for the last year most of the buzz around the 6-foot-5 backcourt prospects has been with Kentucky. Calipari and his staff spent a lot of time the last few years recruiting the duo, and all of that work paid off in spades.

What is so big about this is Calipari now has the guards to run his system in a way that probably he has never had before. While he has had multiple NBA guys such as John Wall and Eric Bledsoe in 2009-10, Derrick Rose and Chris Douglas-Roberts in 2007-08, and then again last year with the combination of Marquis Teague, Doron Lamb, and Darius Miller, but never has there been a duo like this.

Andrew is the point guard, Aaron is the scorer. Their entire basketball life the two have been playing in the same backcourt and they know how to feed off of each other. Andrew has shown the ability to completely dominate games without even shooting the ball. He uses his strength, athleticism, and feel for the game to take over. Aaron on the other hand shoots it. He is a scorer at the highest level. He scores going to the rim, from deep, off the catch, and off the dribble.

Also there is a little bit of a thought that Aaron could play on the ball if asked, though he has never been during the course of his career because of the presence of Andrew.

The two brothers had a coming out party at the Boo Williams tournament when the duo was 14 years old. As eighth graders they dominated at the event, though they weren't playing at the 17-and under level, they sure looked like they could be. Since then they have made huge improvements to their games, and are physically ready for the NBA with the skills to match.

Maybe most importantly no stage will be too big for these two. The Harrisons do not lack confidence in anyway shape or form. They know they are good, they play like they are good, and have been in the spotlight for a long time. Going in to college basketball they won't be intimated and for Kentucky that is a huge deal.

All the expectations are that one year will be the extent of the stay for the Harrison twins on the Lexington campus, but if they play as expected Kentucky fans will say that is all that is needed. Landing two top five prospects continues the run for Kentucky on the recruiting trail, and now the hope in Lexington is once again that recruiting momentum will lead to cutting down the nets at the Final Four.

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