Patterson has visit plan

Brewster Academy got a late addition in Ron Patterson and now he is pulling in offers. One visit has already been taken, and two more are being planned for Patterson.

Indianapolis native Ron Patterson thought he had it all figured out. He was set to attend Indiana University as a member of their 2012 class, but then things happened and now Patterson is at Wolfeboro (NH) Brewster Academy in the class of 2013. Subsequently he has become one of the hottest names in the country for college coaches.

It hasn't necessarily been the easiest time for Patterson. He thought he would already be in college, is now far from home, and is in a situation that no one expected, but still things have gone very well for him.

"The last two months have been going well," said Patterson. "I have had a lot of good open gyms at the school and I think I have impressed a lot of coaches."

He continued, "Getting to know coaches has been kind of tough for me because of the situation I went through at Indiana."

This time around Patterson says his recruitment is going to be all about relationships and trust.

"I am just trying to really get to know the coaching staff and the guys that would be my teammates as well," said Patterson. "I am trying to have a lot of trust in them."

The first school to receive an official visit from Patterson was Xavier. The Musketeers have been after Patterson from the day he and Indiana parted ways.

"I wanted to visit there because I am considering them as one of my top schools I could attend and it is close to home," said Patterson of Xavier.

He continued about the school, "I liked the arena and the fans. The fans kind of remind me of IU fans, so I liked that. Also they have a lot of players I know from the AAU circuit and from high school like Semaj Christon, Dee (Davis), Justin Martin, and Jeff Robinson, so that is good."

At the moment two other schools also seem in line to get official visits.

"I will be down to Villanova for their Midnight Madness," said Patterson. "After that I plan to make a trip to SMU."

When it comes to Villanova, Jay Wright and their ability to develop guards is what has him intrigued.

"It is a guard school so that is why I want to check them out," said Patterson. "Coach Wright is a good guy and I saw them play against my cousin Deonta Vaughn, and he is a good coach."

With SMU, it comes down to the man in charge and his history in the game.

"Larry Brown is an ex-NBA coach and I like what he does," said Patterson. "I saw him coach back in the day and I always liked how he coaches."

At the moment a decision could come at any time for Patterson.

"I might make it in the spring or I could make my decision before the season," Patterson explained. "I just don't really know yet."

Patterson is currently a three-star prospect.

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