Austin taking visits

Visits are being set for four-star prospect Brandon Austin who had an excellent summer.

One of the best uncommitted wings in the entire country is Brandon Austin. The Philadelphia (Penn.) Imhotep Charter product has the versatility to excel at numerous positions in college, and several schools are now making him a priority.

Team Philly AAU Coach Lonnie Lowry has had a lot of very talented players roll through his program over the past decade. He saw Austin make the step from prospect to player, and it was an impressive one this summer.

"He picked up his aggressiveness and is attacking a lot more," said Lowry of Austin. "Brandon worked at being more consistent. He has always been very talented, but him being more assertive and deciding at times to show what he can do and standout at events, I think that is what people saw."

Lowry continued, "In terms of college I think he is a point guard, but it is his versatility that stands out. With him being able to be a one, two, or three at the next level it is big. He is going to be a mismatch at any position."

Recruiting wise, one visit has been taken, another is set up, and then it sounds like another one or two will take place.

"He just visited Providence last weekend, he is visiting Connecticut this weekend, Georgetown is in to see him, Texas has been all over him, Temple has been in, and then Xavier is trying as well," Lowry noted. "Ashley Howard is a Philly guy he is going to keep working it and make a play as well."

Lowry continued, "I think he is going to end up taking another visit next weekend, but I am not sure yet. There are coaches fighting for that weekend, but Brandon and his family haven't decided what they are going to do yet for that weekend."

According to Lowry, Austin isn't one to get overly emotional when on a visit or talking about any specific trip.

"He said the Providence visit was good," said Lowry. "The thing about Brandon is he isn't very impressionable. He could have the time of his life and you wouldn't know. He wouldn't say he had a great time, he would just say it is okay. So every visit will just be alright. The only time I might know a visit was different is if he comes back and says I want to commit."

In terms of a decision, nothing is set in stone for the four-star prospect.

"He hasn't told me either way in terms of committing in late or early," Lowry explained. "I think if he takes another visit he might decide early, but you never know. He hasn't said really one way or the other that he wants to make his decision early or he wants to make it late."

Austin is the No. 9 ranked small forward in the country and the No. 37 player overall.

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