Martin makes for a statement class at LSU

New Head Coach Johnny Jones is making a statement on the recruiting trail by landing Jarell Martin and a top five overall class.

When the LSU Tigers were able to swoop in on Jordan Mickey the night before his decision and steal him away from SMU it was a sign. It was then another sign a few days later when another four-star, Tim Quarterman pledged to the Tigers. They have now done it again, this time with the biggest prize out there for the Tigers.

As Jarell Martin made his decision to pick LSU official, it was a huge win for Johnny Jones and his staff. Not only is Martin a five-star prospect, but he is someone who LSU needed.

It isn't too often that a five-star prospect will come from Baton Rouge, so when that happens LSU has to land him, and Jones and his staff did just that.

At 6-foot-8 and 215 pounds with big time athleticism and developing skill, Martin has all the tools to be a potential All-American at the college level. The ability is there for him to be a one and done type of talent, though obviously that is something that remains to be seen.

By landing such a talented local product others in the area are going to take immediate notice of what Jones and his staff are doing, and when you pair him with Quarterman and Mickey things start to get very impressive.

At first blush Martin and Mickey might be a bit of a duplicate prospect, but in reality they will fit comfortably together on the floor at the same time. While Mickey is raw offensively and does most of his damage as a shot blocker, rebounder, and defender, Martin is a skilled offensive weapon who can score inside and out.

Admittedly both would be ideal at the power forward position, but there is enough athleticism and versatility between Martin and Mickey that they can be on the same court at the same time and make things difficult on opposing teams. Quite simply you don't often see that much athleticism and talent from a duo on the interior in college basketball.

When you add Quarterman to the mix is where things get very impressive. There might not be a more athletic class in the entire country outside of what Kentucky is putting together than the one LSU now has in place. With Quarterman on the perimeter and Martin and Mickey inside, this now has Tiger fans extremely excited for the future.

We aren't too far removed from LSU making a title run on the strength of play from Tyrus Thomas and Glen "Big Baby" Davis, both of whom were Baton Rouge products, and both of whom brought LSU to the next level.

While it is tough to say Martin puts LSU in the Final Four, this commitment should remind Tiger fans of what was in place almost a decade ago, and the good times that were had in the Bayou with local products staying home and wearing the LSU uniform.

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