Wake Gets Its Top PG Target

Wake Forest has its man. Just a few days ago, PG Justin Gray said he would wait and take some visits. Now, he's singing the Deacons fight song. Gray committed to Wake Forest because of its style of play and the fact he wished to play in the ACC.

Gray To Wake Forest

Charlotte Royals PG Justin Gray had a fine summer. His AAU team recently finished played in the semifinals of the AAU Nationals and he was a big reason why. Now, he's a Demon Deacon.

"I already knew that I liked Wake a lot so I figured I would just get it out the way," Justin Gray said. Gray said Skip Prosser's presence on the bench was a key reason for his decision. "I know in the past that when he was at Xavier, they liked playing up tempo and that's how you have to play in the ACC to win games and I wanted to play in the ACC. "

Wake Forest spent the last few weeks evaluating point guards. Whenever a potential PG was in the gym, a member of the Wake staff was right there. They were like clockwork and you could set your PG agenda by them. However, the guy they seemed to lock in on was Gray. After all of the evaluations, he was the one they wanted and in the end they definitely landed their first choice.

Up Close With Justin Gray

Best Player He Faced: Elijah Ingram. "He's good, he's real good. He's quick and can shoot. The toughest matchup I had was Carmelo Anthony."

Favorite Place To Play: Nike.

Most Memorable Moment: "I would have to say when we played in the Boo Williams. That was my highlight." (Won the tournament).

Best Meal: "At USA Basketball they fed us good every night."

Worst Meal: Nike. "We had some kind of sandwich meat but I don't know what it was. I just got some chips and called it a day."

Best Shoes of the summer: "At Nike Camp Steve Blake had some all black and blue Nikes. They were new."

Ugliest Shoes: Shagari Alleyne. "They were like a size 22 and they came up to my calf muscles. They were the ugliest shoes I've ever seen."

Coolest Recruiting Tactic: "Buzz Peterson and them sent me this package and it said that every time they see me play it said that I make them want to break dance and it was picture of Buzz. I'm keeping that."

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