Top Performers: Marshall County Hoopfest

The Marshall County Hoopfest provided us with a great look at a number of top 100 prospects. Who stood out the most in Draffenville, Ky.

Size: 7-8/205 |
Quick Take: The best amateur player in the world proved why he's deserving of that tag on Friday night at the Hoopfest. It was one of his better performances in recent memory and he said his best of the year. He went for 28 points, but where he really impressed was on the backboard and with his tremendous defense on Nick King. He's a terrific defender because of his elite athleticism, length, size and lateral quickness. He owned the glass as well, reeling in 17 boards.

Recruiting: Florida State, Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas, Syracuse & Ohio State

Size: 7-9/260 |
Quick Take: Alexander didn't get many touches in the first half against Oak Hill. The second half was a different story, as the Curie guards opted to give the best player on the floor some touches. He scored 13 straight points to start the half and was virtually unstoppable when he caught the ball on the block. He missed just two of his 14 shot attempts. Alexander uses his strong lower half to clear space in the paint and he attempts to dunk every time he gets a touch. He plays with energy and moves up and down the floor with ease for a guy his size.

Recruiting: Michigan State, Kentucky, North Carolina State, Indiana, Illinois & others

Size: 6-1/170 |
Quick Take: In a battle with the Harrison twins, Snider put together one of the better performances of the high school season. He scored 28 points, tossed out six assists and grabbed six rebounds. But it was the way he approached the game and how he handled the defense of the twins that was impressive. Snider, a sophomore, gave up four inches to the twins and a considerable amount of weight, but he played under control, made great decisions with the ball and showed off his high IQ. Ballard didn't win, but Snider had them in great position down the stretch. He's an impressive competitor.

Recruiting: Signed with Louisville

Size: 6-4/175 |
Quick Take: Thornwell's performance on Saturday was top notch. He has a reputation as being one of the best scorers in the country and he showed why at the Hoopfest. He pumped in 31 points and scored them nearly every way possible. He's a relentless driver that knows how to finish through contact and find his way to the free throw line. He's also a much-improved shooter than can score out from behind the three-point stripe or from mid-range. South Carolina has a high level wing headed their way and one that can help them put up points from day one.

Recruiting: Signed with South Carolina

Size: 6-5/180 |
Quick Take: In Southwind's only game at the Hoopfest, Johnson erupted for 31 points against Oak Hill. With his future head coach – Buzz Williams – looking on, Johnson attacked in transition, found ways to get into the paint in the half court and made his way to the free throw line seven times. A very good athlete, Johnson fits Marquette's system perfectly and in my opinion his best basketball is ahead of him. This was a tremendous pick up for Marquette.

Recruiting: Signed with Marquette

Size: 6-5/205 |
Quick Take: In front of a ton of Kentucky fans, the Harrison twins didn't disappoint. On Friday Andrew & Aaron combined for 55 points and led to Travis to a close win over the best team in the state – Ballard. On Saturday with Aaron having an off game, Andrew pumped in 25 points & 12 rebounds to lead Travis to another victory. Andrew's combination of size, strength, speed and athleticism isn't something you see very often. He gets to the rim at will and is very good finisher once there.

Recruiting: Signed with Kentucky

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