Coaches track Joseph

Kaleb Joseph has had a number of high major schools show interest. Who is involved? What coaches have stopped by his school recently?

Kaleb Joseph is just three games into his junior high school season at Ashburnham (Mass.) Cushing Academy, but he's already figuring out what he wants in a potential college.

"It's still really early," Joseph noted. "But I'm definitely starting to get a feel for what I'm looking for in a school and I'm definitely starting to get a feel for my relationship with these coaches. I'm starting to get a feel for who has been there for the beginning."

Joseph,'s No. 51 prospect in the 2014 class, said academics will play a role in his decision making, but so will player development and his relationship with the coaching staff.

"Obviously academics is big [for me]," Joseph said. "I think at any university you can get that. Coaches if they can help develop me as a player and help take my game to the next level so after college I can continue playing whether it's in the NBA or overseas.

"[I'm looking for] coaches that believe in me and believe in my talents and know that they can help me get where I want to be," he said. "They got to be real. I can tell a lot of these places just talk. I want to know they are right by inside."

Joseph has recently heard pitches from Boston College, Maryland, Georgetown, Miami, West Virginia, Kansas State, Kansas, Marquette, Providence, Notre Dame and Connecticut.

"Recruiting is going good," he said. "A lot of coaches have been hitting me up the past few days."

Steve Donahue, Ed Cooley, Bruce Weber and Mike Brey have all watched Joseph recently. Joseph has taken a few trips of his own as well.

"I've visited B.C. and Providence," he told "I haven't seen any other schools so far. I plan to for sure though. I definitely want to get up to go see Maryland and I'd like to see UConn and some of the schools that are close."

On the court, Joseph and Cushing Academy are off to a 3-0 start.

"I'm playing pretty good so far," Joseph said. "I had 26 and 20 in games. I'm getting a lot of assists and I'm just leading my team so far."

A four-star prospect, Joseph said he plays on the ball for his high school team, but is required to carry some of his teams scoring load.

"In college I definitely plan on being a point guard," Joseph said. "That's really my game. Getting in the lane and creating for my teammates."

"In high school it's a little easier for me to score and with my team we don't have too many scorers," he added. "That's just my role with this team. I just try to get in the lane and try and make a play."

Joseph is regarded as the No. 13 lead guard in the 2014 class.

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