Briscoe making strides

Isaiah Briscoe won't be making any recruiting decision for another year.

Class of 2015 four-star guard Isaiah Briscoe from Newark (NJ) St. Benedict's is ready to really excel during his sophomore season, and already numerous basketball powers are showing him significant attention.

According to Briscoe's father, George Briscoe, his son is off to a good start this year on the court for one of the top teams in the country.

"Isaiah is playing off guard a little bit and leads the team in scoring," said Briscoe. "Tyler (Ennis) is playing point guard the most, but Isaiah has the ball down the stretch a lot."

He continued, "He is trimming down and gradually getting in better condition. He is learning to be a leader and just standing out and everything, that is basically what he is working on right now."

Numerous schools have been after Briscoe for a while. Pittsburgh, Arizona, Syracuse, Florida, Connecticut, Cincinnati, Seton Hall, Virginia, and Baylor are just some of the colleges that have made Briscoe a priority.

"On the recruiting end I don't know, Arizona, Syracuse, and Florida, that's the three he talks about with me the most when the TV comes on," said Briscoe. "He wants to watch to Florida guards, he wants to watch Syracuse, and he wants to watch Arizona."

He went on, "With recruiting we are definitely going to wait to 2014 to see how it all clears out to see who is left and all of that. Because quite honestly why would he go to a school that takes a kid who can only play point guard in his class or the class before. I don't want Isaiah to be stuck playing only off the ball, so it is stuff like that you have to look at. Right now we are just waiting around."

Some other big schools are sniffing around, but want to see more from Briscoe this year before getting serious about an offer.

"We are hearing from Kentucky, we are hearing from Duke, but not like some of the others," Briscoe explained. "Those two want to see him this year and the year after."

In terms of actual college visits one or two might happen to local schools, but George Briscoe says nothing big is planned at the moment.

"Unless like North Carolina, Duke, or North Carolina State come really calling we aren't playing anything," said Briscoe. "We suspect it will happen, and if it does we could go down there to the triangle and kind of make three visits at once."

For a while people have thought Syracuse might be the driver's seat for Briscoe, but his father says that isn't the case at the moment.

"Coaches have asked me if Isaiah is a lock for Syracuse and I keep telling them no," said Briscoe. "Isaiah is not a lock for anyone right now. Sure he likes Syracuse but he is open to all schools and we as a family haven't made any decisions yet."

For now Briscoe has to play the role of scorer on his school team, and that more than recruiting is on his mind.

"The leadership role in scoring, he's in that position now," said Briscoe. "I almost had to like talk him into that. It is tough to win with the two top players both trying to just pass the ball. On this team Tyler is the point guard and Isaiah has to score. He just has to embrace that role. He is still trying to set up kids, but he is also attacking the basket and shooting threes."

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