Scouting Report: Marcus Lee

Marcus Lee is recognized as one of the best center prospects in the 2013 class. Here's a detailed scouting report after watching game tape of Lee from his senior season.

Over the course of the past year, Marcus Lee has made quite a few advancements on and off the court. Last fall, as a 6-foot-7 power forward Lee didn't have much of a reputation. He had a solid showing at an Under Armour camp, but didn't hit the national scene until the early spring when he ran with the California Supreme.

Now Lee is a household name and recognized as one of the better centers in the 2013 class. On the court, he's used his athleticism and length to become one of the better shot blockers in the class. Off the court he matured physically and has grown to 6-foot-10 in shoes.


As mentioned above, Lee impacts the game with his ability to contest shots. Using his size, length, athleticism and timing, Lee blocks his fair share of shots and will be a guy that protects the rim at Kentucky. He won't have the defensive impact that Anthony Davis did or play at the level that Nerlens Noel is currently playing, but he will still impact the game in this area.

Athletically, Lee is quite gifted. Not only is he an impressive leaper, but also he gets off the ground incredibly quick and he runs the floor extremely well. From a run and jump standpoint, Lee is as good as it gets at the center position in the 2013 class. Kentucky loves to toss alley-oops to their big men and with Lee's length and athleticism, he's sure to catch his share when he puts on the Kentucky uniform.

At the high schools level, Lee is a very good rebounder, as he utilizes his size and leaping ability to reel in boards in his area. This will carry over to the collegiate level, but he will have to learn to play through contact and be more physical when he's seeking out rebounds.


Offensively is where Lee still has considerable room for improvement. Although he does have solid hands and decent touch inside, Lee lacks a go-to move or consistency from a scoring standpoint on the block.

Every now and then he'll maneuver in the paint for a nifty finish or throw down a power slam when he was a clear way to the rim, but in general his offense has plenty of room for development. The next step is working on a signature move. At time's he's shown flashes of a jump hook, but he doesn't use it with confidence or show it very often.

Strength is another area for improvement with Lee. While he's sure to pick up some weight and gain strength once he gets into a college weight room, Lee isn't able to play a real physical brand of ball right now.

College Projection

Lee is currently ranked as the No. 39 overall prospect in the 2013 class. After watching some tape from his senior season, it's clear he's deserving of a bump when we update our rankings list.

His size, length and athleticism make him a prospect with impressive long term potential. But it's the development of his offense that will determine how good of a player he will be.

Next year Lee will be able to help Kentucky on the interior. He'll patrol the paint looking to swat shots, but he'll also benefit from having a guy like Andrew Harrison driving the lane and tossing him alley oops.

With his body type and strengths, Lee is likely to draw comparisons to Davis and Noel, but he won't be a guy that impacts that game the way they did/have out of the gate.

In time though, Lee should develop into one of the better center prospects at the collegiate level. He likely won't be a one and done guy, but he could be a guy that develops and eventually leaves college early for the NBA.

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