Bluiett recaps recent trips

Four-star forward Trevon Bluiett continues to put up huge scoring numbers while checking out some of his top options for college.

Junior Trevon Bluiett is in the middle of an absolutely monster season. The 6-foot-5 small forward has been lighting up the state of Indiana scoring wise, and also is taking a long look at his college options.

In a hard fought win over Indianapolis Brebuef, Bluiett went for 36 points against good friend P.J. Thompson and made an impression with his play.

"I am used to playing in rivalry games and we have been underdogs in some of those situations," said Bluiett. "Playing against a good friend like P.J. (Thompson) just motivates me more."

One area where Bluiett has really improved is off the dribble. Mostly a spot up shooter his first two years in high school, Bluiett now can do more with the bounce.

"I just find weaknesses in my game and watch film of myself to see what I can do better to prepare myself for the next level," said Bluiett. "Ball handling is something I needed to do more of, and I think I always had it, but with Yogi (Ferrell) I just let him bring the ball up. Now with me being that person I have to be a leader and carry the ball when things aren't going right, so that is something I worked on in the off season."

Recruiting wise Butler, Indiana, Purdue, Illinois, Xavier, Louisville, Michigan, and several others have all been keeping close tabs on Bluiett.

Recently he made a pair of visits to Indiana where he saw the Hoosiers take on Penn State as well as Michigan State.

"It is always a good experience to go down there," said Bluiett of the IU visits. "We went to watch them play Penn State and that was a team bonding thing. The second time my dad and I wanted to see Yogi play against Gary (Harris) since they are two Indiana natives going at it."

About the atmosphere he said, "It was crazy. You would think it was like they were playing the No. 1 team in the country. Everything is chaotic and crazy down there for every game."

Also he had a chance to recently visit Butler for their game against Gonzaga, and it was an experience Bluiett definitely enjoyed.

"I had never been to a game with that type of ending," said Bluiett. "To see an ending that crazy is something I would have never expected. It was really loud, and just a great atmosphere."

Two schools that Bluiett stays in regular contact with are Illinois and Michigan, and the two Big Ten teams are building a strong relationship with him.

"We have developed a good relationship," said Bluiett of the Illini. "I talk to their coaches like once a week and joke around and stuff and talk about NBA games and things. I think I have developed a close relationship with them."

About the Wolverines, he said, "We talk once a week, but we haven't been talking as much now because they are in the conference and getting ready for the tournament, but I watch them on TV and it is definitely a school I have a good relationship with."

At the moment Bluiett says no trips are planned and he is a long way from making his college decision.

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