Buckman Used July To His Advantage

Brad Buckman wrote the book on how to make a move up college recruiter's lists this summer. He went from a nice player in the spring, to a must-sign prospect in the summer. The move was swift and decisive. Buckman talks about how he approached the summer and why he was so successful.

Buckman Uses Time Wisely And Makes His Move

I saw Austin (TX) Westlake PF Brad Buckman play in the spring with Pump and Run at the Spiece Run and Slam. He was a nice player, but not a lock to be a high-major priority.

I saw Austin (TX) Westlake PF Brad Buckman play in the summer with Pump and Run in a few places this summer. He was a tremendously talented power forward who could shoot, rebound, and block shots and played with consistent intensity. He was a standout player and lock to be a high-major priority.

So, what happened to turn the lights on?

"I knew going in that I had to show myself and this was the only time that I was going to be able to do it," Buckman said of his summer performance. "Everyone would be there, watching you and if you play good, they write good things about you. You have to have the mindset going in that you are going to kick everyone's butt. I was prepared for it. I was going into that I was going to dominate people."

Buckman worked hard on his game and his approach to the summer was textbook. He had a goal in mind and used it to motivate himself on the court and in the weight room.

"One of my main goals is to be a McDonald's All-American. It really impressed me and I want to be a part of it. Just to be known as one and be on TV is big itself. I think I was beating all the odds. I came out as a no-name."

He's no longer a "no name." In fact, some of the heavy hitters are taking their swings at him. "It's ridiculous. Illinois is going all out. They are doing good. North Carolina is too." Buckman says that Texas, Kansas, UCLA and Missouri are also recruiting him.

He has some serious ties to the Texas program but isn't ready to make a decision. "It's too early. Texas actually might lead a little bit, but it's not that much."

"[When I go on visits] I'll be looking to see what it's like to see if the coach is nice. I'll talk to the players to see if they like the coach and watch some practices.

"The summer was unbelievable. It went by so fast and people were so interested in me. I didn't really notice it at the time."

But, people noticed Buckman.

Up Close With Buckman

Toughest Opponent: "I didn't really know most of the guys. Other people would tell me about them."

Favorite Summer Moment: "Five-Star. Going in and getting the MOP of the camp over the all-americans."

Family Fact: His dad once had a PGA tour card and won two national championships at Texas.

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