Scouting Roddy Peters

Four-star point guard Roddy Peters is coming off of shoulder surgery that limited his senior season, but still the future looks bright for the Maryland signee.

One of the factors that kept the University of Maryland from the NCAA Tournament this season was inconsistent point guard play. The Terrapins and their fans are hoping that problem will be solved next year when Forestville (Md.) Suitland standout Roddy Peters arrives in College Park. Here is a detailed look at what Terrapin fans should expect.

On Offense

For Maryland fans they will like what Peters brings to the table. At roughly 6-foot-4, though maybe a little bit shorter he has the size and strength to be impressive, and though he isn't a burner with the basketball he knows how to get by guys.

The best way to describe Peters is by saying he has an "old man game". That means he doesn't get things done with incredible athleticism or quickness, but he does it with savvy, intelligence, and understanding to go with a high skill level.

As a passer, Peters sees the floor well and knows what to do with the basketball. While he isn't super flashy in how he does it, Peters gets into the lane and makes the right play with the ball. If that means a simple dump off to a big guy, he does it, if it means kicking out to an open shooter, he does that as well. Bottom line is his passing and decision making are both very good.

While he is a good passer and does make good decisions, he still might be a bit more of a scorer. Peters likes to get into the lane and finish, and then he also has a good looking stroke in the mid-range. Also because of his size he can finish over taller players and is good around the rim in terms of knowing how to put the ball in the basket.

One area where Peters will have to get more consistent is with his three point shooting. Right now Peters can get hot and make shots, but also he isn't someone who opponents are absolutely scared of if he gets an open look. He is a scorer more than a shooter, which is fine, but to go to an even higher level he will need to add that knockdown shooting component since he isn't an elite athlete.

Overall on offense he is very talented. Peters is efficient, smart, and knows when to take over and when to get others involved.

On Defense

While he is a major weapon on offense, Peters isn't quite as refined on the defensive end. His size is a major help for him as he can defend either guard spot so that is a plus, however he doesn't have the big time athleticism to be a lockdown guy at either position.

Peters is never going to be someone who is a big time steals guy or someone who really gets into the shirt of an offensive player and drives him crazy with ball pressure. Instead he will be a position defender who uses his long arms and size to keep people in front and out of the lane.

Also the intelligence that Peters shows on the offensive end is something that works to his advantage on defense as well. Despite not being ultra quick, he anticipates well and moves his feet fairly quickly as well.

While not an elite lockdown type of guy, he should be solid on the defensive end, and someone who plays his assignments well and contributes to helping the Terrapins on both ends of the floor.


Obviously Peters is a huge recruit for Maryland. He is a local kid, a super talent, and someone who fills a definite need. While freshman Seth Allen was solid, he still might be a bit better off the ball as opposed to on it. Peters and him should work very well together, and given Allen's athleticism and Peters size, it is a backcourt that gives Maryland a lot of versatility for a long time to come.

Also Peters has the moxie and intelligence to be a freshman who comes in right away and makes a positive impact. With that, and an opportunity to play, there is a lot of reason to expect that he will compete for early minutes and have a very positive effect on the roster right away.

While Peters doesn't quite project as a superstar NBA lottery pick type player, he does have the look of a very good four year player and someone that Maryland is able to build around.

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