Carolina Challenge: 2015 & 2016 Standouts

The best part about the 7th annual Carolina Challenge was the amount of talented underclassmen in attendance. Here's my take on the top 2015 and 2016 prospects at the event.

Brandon Ingram, SF – The baby faced wing out of Kinston (N.C.) High certainly had his moments at the Carolina Challenge. Right now his best weapon is his jump shot. He has good range and because of his size (6-foot-7) he doesn't have trouble getting his shot off. The wiry wing has some upside, as he's extremely long, skilled and can make shots.

Ronshad Shabazz, SG – The 6-foot-4 guard had the gym buzzing with his ability to make shots. He opened the event with an 18-point game and his had jump shot working from long range. The lefty also showed the ability to make shots from mid-range. A standout at Knightdale (N.C.) High has the look of a future mid-major scorer.

Kwinton Hinson, SG – During the three-game event Hinson stood out in a variety of ways. Hinson finished top 15 in scoring and proved to a confident scorer from mid-range out to the three-point line. The 6-foot-3 lefty was active on both ends of the floor, defended his position and also showed off an ability to pass. Originally from the west coast, Hinson moved to North Carolina and is certainly one for coaches to track in the spring.

Luke Maye, C/PF – A 6-foot-8, 225-pound big man, Maye has a nice set of hands, good touch in the paint and is capable of stepping out on the floor and hitting jump shots. Maye is a below the rim guy, but he still made an impact on the glass and is quite effective on the offensive end of the floor.

Edrice Adebayo, PF – Although he's just a freshman, Adebayo was one of the most promising prospects at the event. At 6-foot-8, 230-pounds, Adebayo has a big, strong frame with lengthy arms to go with it. He moves well for his size, is active on both ends of the floor and rebounds the ball well. Adebayo also showed a good set of hands and some ability on the offensive end of the floor. He's tracking as a future high major prospect.

Junior Smith, PG – Although statistically, Smith didn't put up big numbers at the event, it was easy to see his talent on the court. A 6-foot-2 point guard, Smith has the tools to be a high major point guard down the road. Physically he's gifted for a freshman, as he has a solid frame, plus very good speed and athleticism. On top of that, Smith has a strong handle and impressive court vision.

Harry Giles, PF – The national buzz has been building around Giles and at the Carolina Challenge, he certainly didn't disappoint. The 6-foot-9 well-put together freshman is a physically imposing prospect for just a 14 year old. He has a strong frame, good length and is a high level athlete.

Offensively he's skilled enough to play with the ball in his hands and attack from the perimeter, but he's also well aware of his physicals gifts and utilizes them in the paint. He's aggressive, attacks the basket, has great touch and can step out and shoot the ball to 21-feet. He's also a talented passer. Defensively he moves his feet well, actively contests shots and hits the glass.

Papa Ndiaye, PF – Just a freshman, Ndiaye, a 6-foot-9 forward, showed some ability during the all-day camp. Ndiaye was at his best when he had opportunities in the paint to score. He has good touch around the basket, especially with his right hand. He also worked in a mid-range jump shot. He'll need to get stronger and more confident with his moves, but he's equipped with some raw ability.

Kwe Parker, SG – It didn't take long to identify Parker as a prospect. The 6-foot-2 guard threw down highlight reels slams in lay up lines and then caught an impressive alley-oop during his first game of the day. But Parker isn't just an athlete. He's a shot maker too. He hit a handful of three-pointers, was active and had finishes at the rim. He has the look of a future high major guard.

*Although just a freshman, Raekwon Long already stands 7-feet tall. He has a big frame and will fill out. Offensively he's a tad raw, but did mix in some buckets in the paint and hit a 15-foot jump shot.

*Simeon Carter is a 2015 recruit that stood out at the event. The lengthy four-man currently lacks strength, but he was aggressive on offense. He made shots in the paint and has good form on his jump shot.

*Rob Brown, a 6-foot-7 power forward, showed some ability at the event. He has good touch around the basket and was active on the glass, especially on the offensive end.

*Tyler Creammer was recognized before the event for his 4.5 GPA. The 6-foot-10 big man locked down his area from a rebounding standpoint and showed good touch with his right hand.

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