Scouting Detrick Mostella

Four-star guard Detrick Mostella has had an excellent senior season. Here is a detailed look at what the talented guard brings to the table.

Head Coach Travis Ford at Oklahoma State was a great scorer during his time in college basketball. Now he is looking for added scoring punch next season, and one of the players he has brought in to do so is Detrick Mostella. Here is a detailed look at the future Cowboy and what he brings to the table.

On Offense

There quite simply aren't many better and more gifted scorers in the country than Mostella. The 6-foot-3 product out of La Porte (Ind.) La Lumiere has carried his team offensively all season, and has the potential to be a big time scorer in college.

One thing that Mostella has a ton of is confidence. Even if he misses a shot or two, he feels the next one is going in. That scorers mentality leads to him having the mindset that he will put up points on the board, and when gifted scorers have that confidence good things happen.

Also what is huge about Mostella on the offensive end is that he can score both off the bounce and from deep. If defenders play him as a driver he simply will take the perimeter jumper and make it, then if they play him as a shooter he will attack off the dribble where he can go either right or left.

Beyond that he is an impressive athlete. While slightly undersized for a true shooting guard, Mostella can finish in traffic around the rim because of his excellent leaping ability, and then has the quickness and ability to change speeds to be someone that is tough to guard.

More than anything though, Mostella just knows how to score and has the ability to do so. His confidence combined with his skill make him dangerous and a threat to go for big numbers every time he steps on the floor.

While he is a gifted scorer, the two areas of concern regarding Mostella on the offensive end are that he can take bad shots, and he is not someone who plays well without the basketball. Mostella is always locked in an active with the ball, but without it he tends to float and doesn't move great to get open. Also he will take some bad shots, especially if he hasn't gotten a shot in a few possessions, but that is something that should be worked out of him in a college system.

On Defense

While Mostella is an absolute terror on the offensive end, defensively he will have to make some improvements in college.

When defending on the ball he actually isn't bad, he will give effort, use his quickness to stay in front, and generally show interest in keep his man from scoring. This isn't to say he would be classified as a lockdown defender, but he is someone who will do a decent job of guarding his man, and does show interest in being a solid on-ball defender.

The problem for Mostella is when he isn't guarding the man with the ball. He can lose focus, which isn't all that uncommon for a high school player, and tends to lose contact with who is guarding or simply being the wrong spot.

Paying proper attention to detail on the defensive end, and keeping proper focus is going to be a growth process for Mostella. He has the athletic ability and size to be able to guard and be an effective defensive player, just that has never been his focus in high school, and could take some time in college.


Mostella is someone who should be able to come in right away at Oklahoma State and make an impact. There is simply no substitute for being able to put the ball in the basket, and that is what Mostella knows how to do.

It will be an adjustment for Mostella at times as he will have to learn to play hard every possession, and value each time up and down the floor, but the natural gifts are there, and before it is all said and done Mostella has the talent to make a major impact in the Big XII and be someone who opponents have to account for every single time he touches the ball.

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