McDonald's All-American Game: East All-Stars

In a losing effort the East team was led by Andrew Wiggins with a few others making a nice contribution.

Anthony Barber: Barber showed off his quickness by getting to the rim on several occasions, and then also knocked in a perimeter jumper. It is clear that Barber needs to add more weight, and in a game made for turnovers, he definitely had his share, so that has to be addressed, but the athleticism, speed, and scoring ability were on full display.

Keith Frazier: Mostly known as a shooter, Frazier struggled some to make shots, but did have a nice drive or two to the rim. He has worked hard to get better off the dribble, and looked even more athletic than in the past. While not an ultra-productive game, Frazier did show some flashes.

Isiah Hicks: Hicks didn't do a heck of a lot. He had a nice bucket early and showed the athleticism at his size which has made him one of the top recruits in the country. Overall there wasn't much to Hicks' game on the night, but he is a heck of a talent.

Kasey Hill: One of the premier point guards, Hill is at his best in the open floor and was doing a good job of pushing the pace and making nice passes. Hill did turn it over, like every other guard, but usually he is a sound decision maker. He didn't try too many outside shots, but his quickness and ability to get into the lane were clearly there.

Demetrius Jackson: Jackson is an electric athlete who is excellent at getting to the rim and he showed some nice floor vision as well. Not a player who has excelled in all-star settings in the past, it is no surprise that Jackson was somewhat quiet.

Rondae Jefferson: A tough player, Jefferson showed his good handle, though he did get ripped once, and played hard, but just never seemed to get things going on the offensive end. One of the best defenders in this class, defense isn't really a focus in this game, so what he does best wasn't on display.

Dakari Johnson: Johnson is not someone built for an all-star game setting as he is a big true low post player, but he did have some nice moments. The big man showed good hands and a nice touch around the rim. Despite not being able to finish above the rim with athleticism, he uses his body well, has great tough, and knows how to use angles. While not flashy, Johnson was definitely effective.

Kennedy Meeks: It was a rough week for Meeks, and the game wasn't much different. Meeks didn't do a heck of a lot during the game, and when he was in he never really went inside the paint. He will obviously need to get in better shape, and need to be more productive against the other highly athletic players in the class.

Julius Randle: A slimmer and more athletic Randle was impressive overall. He had some impressive dunks and also showed more ability off the dribble than he showed last summer. Randle can do so much and is so strong and agile for a player his size, the skillset was clearly there and he put it on display during the game.

Wayne Selden: A bull of a guard, Selden can flat out get to the rim, and he showed it on several occasions. Also Selden hit a mid-range jumper, and overall was very productive. Selden found a way to be one of the best players in the game even if he wasn't the leading scorer.

Noah Vonleh: Vonleh showed some of what makes him an elite prospect. He got to the rim using the dribble and used his body to get fouled, but other than he was fairly quiet with others doing more. Vonleh still has the talent to be very good, this just wasn't his type of setting.

Chris Walker: There is no questioning the athleticism that Walker possesses. In the first half he had a ridiculous block where he put that on display. Some of the flaws also came out with him floating around the perimeter and being raw skill wise, but in terms of upside, there are very few who possess more of it.

Andrew Wiggins: Wiggins didn't disappoint at all. The elite athleticism was on display, and he scored it at a high level. Also Wiggins even played a little bit of defense and went right at Jabari Parker. Overall there was nothing surprising or disappointing about Wiggins as he put most of the skillset on display.

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