NY2LA Swish N Dish: Top Performers

There were a lot of high level prospects at the NY2LA Swish N Dish over the weekend. Here is a look at the six who stood out the most.

Size: 6-0/165 |
Quick Take: There was no better player more consistently all weekend then Brunson. The floor general led the Mac Irvin Fire to a title and simply controlled every game from start to finish. Brunson can really make shots, especially from deep, and also is excellent getting to the rim. Brunson is one of the smartest players you will ever see, and is excellent at using ball screens. There is no doubt he will emerge this spring and summer as one of the best players in the 2015 class.

Recruiting: Purdue, Illinois, Xavier, SMU, DePaul

Size: 6-9/150 |
Quick Take: If Brunson wasn't the best player than Ulis was. The small floor general was spectacular all weekend long leading his team to the championship game. Ulis can really pass, knows how to use screens, and also can score. His feel for the game is outstanding. While some people will discount him because of his size, Ulis is flat out productive and proved he can play against anyone at any time.

Recruiting: Purdue, Iowa, Marquette, Missouri, Florida State, Colorado State, Oregon State

Size: 7-11/260 |
Quick Take: Okafor continues to get into great shape and is simply a beast that no one else has an answer for. He missed a lot of free throws and didn't always finish like he usually does, but whenever Okafor needed to get a bucket for his team he did. Add in that in crunch time he made his free throws, and it is easy to see why he is the elite player in the class. There is nothing Okafor really struggles to do, and in a class lacking a ton of bigs, there aren't going to be very many answers for him all spring and summer long.

Recruiting: Duke, Ohio State, North Carolina, Michigan State, Illinois, Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Louisville

Size: 7-7/185 |
Quick Take: Looking more athletic than ever, Bates-Diop can flat out be a problem for defenses. He is long, makes shots, and still can get to the rim. Now at times he floated too much, but Bates-Diop still got a lot done every single time out on the floor. He is just beginning to figure out how good he is, and with his athleticism and skill continuing to improve there is no doubt he will have his home on the wing in college.

Recruiting: Committed to Ohio State

Size: 7-8/190 |
Quick Take: The 2016 star continues to show why he is one of the elite players in his class. Playing up at the 16 and under level, Tatum led his team to the title game and was a problem in the process. He is so long and so skilled that there is no good way to defend him. He made shots, rebounded, passed it well, and was clearly the best player on the floor every game. As he continues to get bigger and stronger his game will only get better.

Recruiting: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, North Carolina, Florida, Kansas State, St. Louis

Size: 7-7/200 |
Quick Take: Just a beast, Harris was one of the most productive players all weekend long for the Illinois Wolves. He scored it some down low, but it was his rebounding, energy, and defense that really stood out. Harris isn't super skilled and is slightly undersized, but very few people had an answer for his energy and athleticism. More interest is coming his way on the recruiting trail, and it is well deserved.

Recruiting: Iowa, Illinois State, Oregon State, Miami, VCU, Xavier, Kansas State, Oklahoma

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