Bosh Setting Up Visits

Chris Bosh of Dallas (TX) Lincoln turned in a super summer. As a result, he's one of the hottest prospects in the country and his recruitment reflects that. He already has one official visit set up and plans on taking three others. Bosh is ranked the No. 11 prospect in the nation by BlueChipHoops.

A World of Potential

Chris Bosh knew he had a chance to turn some heads this summer and that's exactly what he did. "I put some work in and it paid off pretty well," Bosh said.

"I was surprised that I could go out there and be consistent because I've never really done that before. I was playing and making sure I had a lot of fun."

Bosh was super at ABCD Camp and started off kicking tail in Las Vegas. His team, Texas Blue Chip, looked as if it would contend for the title but an overtime loss to a team they should have beaten derailed the train. "That was pretty disappointing. Not beating teams that you know you can beat. We always have an excuse, but we just can't get beat."

Currently, Bosh is considering four schools: Georgia Tech, Miami-FL, Michigan and Florida. "I'm still coming up with a scenario for every school. I'm still formulating so I can make a point."

While he's thinking things over, he's going to take his official visits. He'll trip to Georgia Tech September 22. He's in the process of setting up the other trips.

While kids seem to be committing at an extremely high rate, Bosh says he's going to take his time. "I know a few people who have a Top 5 [list] and see two schools and make a decision. There's no reason to choose that quick. It's the most important decision you are going to make in your life. I can't decide anything that quick especially something like this."

Bosh says the curriculum and school environment are important. He wants to see up close and for himself what each school has to offer, thus he'll take visits to at least four programs.

Up Close With Bosh

Best Player Faced This Summer: DeAngelo Collins. He was just skilled inside. He just knew how to post up, close out and seal well.

Intended Major: Computer graphics and animation.

Favorite Place To Play Summer: ABCD.

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