IndyBall Shootout: Top Performers

Many of the top prospects in Indiana were on display over the weekend at the Shootout, and here is a look at who really stood out.

Size: 6-3/185 |
Quick Take: Walton has always had the natural ability, but hasn't always been productive. At IndyBall he showed that combination of strength, skill, and athleticism from the off guard spot, and then also played hard and looked focus. If he can channel that he will be someone who coaches become very intrigued with during the month of April.

Recruiting: Butler, Indiana State, Xavier, Indiana, Purdue, Michigan

Size: 7-6/210 |
Quick Take: Martin led his team to the title game and was excellent in the process. He put up good numbers scoring and rebounding, and looked as good as ever on the court. His size and versatility are impressive and would be a dream recruit for mid-majors with some higher level schools likely to at least take a look.

Recruiting: Ohio University, Western Kentucky, Indiana State, IUPUI

Size: 6-4/185 |
Quick Take: He had a big rep coming in, and Coleman did nothing to disappoint. While he didn't quite shoot the ball as well as usual from three, he was very good in the mid-range, rebounded well, and also defended at a level he hasn't always shown. Coleman is one of the smoothest players in the class, and it is looking like he is becoming a more well rounded prospect as well.

Recruiting: Indiana, Purdue, Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State, Illinois, Butler, Xavier, Texas, Louisville, Cincinnati

Size: 6-2/175 |
Quick Take: The class of 2016 standout played up at the 17-and under level and often times was the best player on the floor. He scored it very well, got to the rim, and showed an improved jumper. Also he is a good athlete with long arms who can get into passing lanes on the defensive end. Gordon still has a ways to go to reach his ceiling as a player, but he is already very good.

Recruiting: Indiana, Purdue, Butler, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Xavier

Size: 6-2/170 |
Quick Take: Another class of 2016 prospect, Wilkins led his squad to the title at his age group. Not an elite athlete or a knock down shooter, he is a kid with long arms who can play either guard spot. Right now he is still a bit of a work in progress, but he does have solid athleticism and a good skill level. At his age level he can be tough to contain, and Wilkins looks like a very intriguing prospect going forward.

Recruiting: Indiana, Purdue, Butler, Xavier

Size: 6-4/175 |
Quick Take: The Sycamores got a potential all-league type player in McIntosh. He can play either guard spot, and is simply someone who knows how to score and pass. All weekend long he was the most consistent performer for his Eric Gordon team, and McIntosh showed the form that helped his high school team win a state title. Also a solid athlete, McIntosh is one who looks primed for a very good spring.

Recruiting: Committed to Indiana State

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