Black hosting coaches

Despite an injury LeRon Black was still the target of college coaches. The five-star prospect will be busy this week hosting college coaches.

Five-star power forward Leron Black didn't have a chance to suit up for Team Thad this weekend at the Pitt Hoop Group Jam Fest, but that didn't stop college coaches from coming out and watching. The Memphis (Tenn) White Station star says not only were coaches in the stands this weekend, but several will be visiting the school during the week.

Black was forced to miss this past weekend with an ankle injury, and he says while there is no specific date for a return, the prescription for health is simply to rest.

"I don't know when I will get back exactly," said Black. "The doctor says I just have to take some time off because of my ankle and give it time to heal."

He continued, "It is real hard to sit and watch. I tried to warm up today, I am jumping up and down off the bench, it is just hard to watch them, but I am trying to support my team anyway I can."

Recruiting wise schools just keep coming at Black. In fact, some tried to make an impression by showing up and watching Team Thad even though Black wasn't playing.

"If I would have played a lot of people would have come, but still I saw a lot of coaches here," said Black. "I saw Illinois, Wake Forest, Florida, and a few others. (This) week at the school I am going to have Ohio State, Georgia Tech, Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina State."

Illinois made sure to be there until the end for Black, and he says it is clear that the Illini really are serious about recruiting him.

"It shows me how much they really want me," said Black. "With me not playing, it shows me a lot that they would come out just to watch me sit on the bench."

With Ohio State the Buckeyes already have three commitments in the 2014 class, but they seem very motivated to add Black, and are making the trip to Memphis this week to see him.

"I like Ohio State," said Black. "Everybody is even, but I like Ohio State. Coach (Dave) Dickerson has been recruiting me real hard."

Initially Black committed to Baylor, and after things seemed to cool between the two sides, Black says the Bears made an impression during a recent in-home visit.

"Baylor came to my house last week for a visit," Black explained. "They are still on my list and I still like them and the coaching staff and the school, so I am still considering them."

While Baylor has been there for a while, a newer school is Kentucky. The Wildcats indicated interest in Black and that if he was playing they would be watching. Black says hearing from Kentucky is big.

"It is cool to hear from Kentucky," said Black. "It is always great to hear from Kentucky, they are real good and they are obviously one of the top schools in the country."

For now Black is in no hurry to make a commitment. After pulling the trigger too early the first time around, Black wants to take his time and make a well informed decision this time.

"It is going to be fun," said Black of the recruiting process. "I am just taking it all in and listening to all of the coaches and taking my time so I can make the best decision possible."

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