Jayhawk Invitational: Day Two

KANSAS CITY - Day two at the Jayhawk Invitational was all about Diamond Stone. The 2015 standout was a dominant force all day long.

Dominique Collier, PG/SG, KC Run GMC – A talented combo guard, Collier needs to be more assertive on the court, but he does have a lot of good talent. Collier is a good athlete and someone who is very smooth with the ball. Once he communicates better and takes control of the game all of his natural point guard skills will shine through Still he had a good day going to the rim and also knocked in a few shots. Overall Collier was solid in helping his team to a solid showing.

Keita Bates-Diop, SF, Illinois Wolves – Very few players in the country can match Bates-Diop in terms of talent. He simply can do everything on the wing. Bates-Diop brought the ball up the floor, made shots, and also rebounded fairly well. Add in that he is a big time athlete and it is easy to see why Bates-Diop was so heavily recruited, and why his stock continues to go up this spring.

Sean O'Mara, C, IBA Select – Against inferior competition O'Mara did exactly what a top center prospect should do, he dominated. While he padded his own rebound stats by missing some easy shots and getting the board, he simply was unstoppable. O'Mara dominated around the rim, showed great hands, and was a force on the glass. He isn't much of a shot blocking threat, but the opponents also very rarely challenged him.

Joe Burton, SG/SF, Houston Defenders – The Defenders had an excellent day and it was Burton who was so instrumental. Burton scored the ball at an extremely high level and made big shots at big times. A good athlete who is very strong, Burton is tough to contain going to the rim, and then is even better when he attacks the glass. While he isn't always as productive as his skill set indicates he should be, Burton was on his game on Saturday.

Myles Turner, C, Texas Select – With his team facing a big deficit it was Turner who simply decided to dominate. The 7-footer completely took away the rim and that allowed his teammates to pressure the ball without concern and cause turnovers. Add in that on offense Turner got fouled, made free throws, and then finished down low. Turner's stock continues to go up and he showed how he can impact things.

Shaquile Carr, PG, Las Vegas Prospects – A smart floor general who has a knack for making the right pass at the right time, Carr is someone who is enjoyable to watch. His team didn't get the wing, but Carr was solid. He made a few jumpers which was nice, but he is at his best pushing the tempo and making impressive passes to teammates for easy buckets. He isn't the biggest or most athletic player, but when it comes to running a team very few know how to do it better than Carr.

Justin Burks, SF, Las Vegas Prospects – An athletic and versatile forward, Burks had a stretch where there was absolutely no answer for him. He hit a few threes, went off the bounce, and used his impressive athleticism to make things happen. Burks is a solid prospect who showed he can be more than just a complementary piece to the puzzle.

Diamond Stone, C, Young Legends – There is a reason he is one of the elite bigs in the country, and Stone showed why on Saturday. Despite not being surrounded by a ton of talent, Stone showed his tremendous potential. He has good footwork and nice post moves, and then also is a solid athlete who has incredible hands. He drops nothing and snatches every single rebound. Overall Stone was simply dominant even if his team had some struggles.

Jamaal Williams, SG/SF, Houston Defenders – An athletic player, Williams was very solid in an early morning game. Williams got the rim and finished well, and then also showed to be active and aggressive on the defensive end. He isn't super skilled, but he does have a strong body and is able to make plays going to the rim. His development will be interesting as he is already quite productive playing up at the 17-and under level.

DeAngelo Hunter, SF, Louisville Magic – Hunter has upside and had some good flashes during a few wins. Now Hunter does need to get stronger and continue to rebound better, but he has athleticism and skill for a big wing. Hunter at times had to guard Diamond Stone and actually did an admirable job. While not a finished product, Hunter is definitely one to watch.

Jimmy Whitt, SG/PG, KC Run GMC – He is a flat out scorer with a very smooth game. Whitt can get virtually anywhere he wants off the dribble, and has also developed a nice jump shot. He needs to get stronger, and is a bit undersized, but Whitt can really light up the scoreboard and is also a good athlete who is quite efficient with his style of play.

Jarred Dixon, SG, KC Run GMC – The younger brother of former Missouri guard Mike Dixon, Jarred exploded during the game with a personal scoring run. Dixon is a solid athlete and showed assertiveness going to the rim. Also he is a solid shooter who caught fire. Dixon isn't always consistent with that kind of production, but there is no doubt he has a good amount of talent.

Roosevelt Smart, SG, Illinois Wolves – Right now he is still getting there as a player/producer, but as a prospect he shows so much potential. Smart is athletic, can make shots from deep, and is capable of getting to the rim using the dribble. Now he is still figuring out how to play, and isn't always consistent, but on Saturday he moments of brilliance that keep colleges very intrigued with his future.

Note Lorenz, PF, Minnesota Cyclones – A decent athlete, Lorenz gets it done with heart and guts. He is a skilled kid who can hit the three, but he is at his best rebounding and playing with more effort than everybody else on the floor. Though he is roughly 6-foot-7, Lorenz is definitely a perimeter four as opposed to a wing, still he finds a way to be productive and is someone who outshined a lot of people on Saturday.

Alex Illikainen, PF, Minnesota Cyclones – Illikainen is a very skilled interior player who can also step out and hit threes. He definitely isn't an above the rim threat, but he has excellent post moves and a nice touch out to 20 feet. Illikainen needs to get stronger and be a better rebounder, but you can throw it to him on the box and expect a bucket as well as utilize him in pick and pop situations which is rare for most prospects.

Dominique Collier said Colorado, Kansas State, and Creighton are after him the hardest.

Jamaal Williams listed SMU, Sam Houston State, Houston, and Texas A&M.

Alex Illikainen has offers from Minnesota, Creighton, Nebraska, Iowa State, Oregon, and Iowa. Also interest is coming in from Kansas, Wisconsin, Miami, Indiana, and Colorado.

Nate Lorenz is hearing from South Dakota State and North Dakota State.

Head coaches from Colorado, Kansas State, and Creighton all checked out Dominique Collier.

Wisconsin and Marquette were both front and center for Diamond Stone.

Creighton had a presence at all of Alex Illikainen's games.

New Mexico had a pair of assistants checking out Joe Burton.

Boston College made the trip to an off-site gym to watch Sean O'Mara

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