Jayhawk Invitational: Day Three

KANSAS CITY - Big man Myles Turner was the story of the Jayhawk Invitational and that was very evident on Championship Sunday.

Myles Turner, C, Texas Select – Texas Select won the event and Turner was the biggest reason why (both literally and physically). Turner absolutely took away everything at the rim forcing opponents to be jump shooters, and with that allowed the guards to pressure the ball. Then on offense he scored some off of offensive rebounds and also hit a few jumpers. He needs to refine his low post game, but defensively he is as good as it gets, and he is improving not only week to week, but game to game as well.

Davonte Bailey, SG, Texas Select – Better known as "Hot Dog", Bailey is someone who had an excellent championship Sunday. Bailey is a hard driver to the rim, and he did just that all day. He was able to use his strength and ability to change speeds with the dribble to beat his defender and score. Bailey needs to continue to work on his conditioning and improve the jumper, but the bottom line is he just knows how to produce getting to the rim.

Nick Babb, SG/SF, Texas Select – The younger brother of former Iowa State wing Chris Babb, Nick is a heck of a player in his own right. He is strong, athletic, and has good size. Babb had an excellent game in the semi-finals scoring with the jumper and also getting to the rim. He needs to be more consistent game to game, but Babb can really score and is someone who projects to be an excellent defender.

Riley LaChance, SG, Ray Allen Select – The bottom line with LaChance is just flat out knows how to play the game of basketball. Despite not being super athletic he is excellent on defense because his understanding of the game allows him to deflect a ton of passes and record steals, and then on offense he is an excellent shooter who also is crafty going to the rim. Not a great physical talent, LaChance is extremely productive and has that incredible basketball IQ that coaches tend to love.

Samuel Merrill, SF, Utah Prospects – This was an impressive showing for Merrill. He didn't stand out quite as much earlier in the week, but Merrill was spectacular on Sunday. Merrill has pretty good size and strength for a wing and then is also a solid athlete. He was hitting shots, getting to the rim, and also rebounding. Right now he is getting mostly mid-level looks, but a few more performances like he had on Sunday and others will definitely take notice.

Brekkott Chapman, PF, Utah Prospects – Earlier in the week Chapman did more shooting the ball, but on Sunday he looked to score inside and show off his feel for the game. Though not a great athlete or super big for the position, Chapman does do a good job of scoring from the mid-range and in with his understanding of how to play. Also Chapman is a solid rebounder and someone who can get some stuff done on both ends of the floor. He wasn't spectacular on Sunday, but he was solid.

Jimmy Whitt, SG/PG, KC Run GMC – There is no doubting that this kid can flat out score the basketball. Whitt was spectacular on Sunday getting to the rim and hitting his jumper. He needs to add weight, and continue to refine his point guard skills, but at the end of the day the best skill a basketball player can have is to score, and he does it at a high, high level. Overall Whitt put on a show despite his team having a losing effort.

Drew Lock, SF, KC Run GMC – He might end up being more of a football prospect than a basketball player, but Lock can absolutely shoot the basketball. He hit one triple from roughly 27 feet, and hit several more from right outside the line. Add in that he is a strong kid who plays hard, and there is room for him on the basketball court as someone who can stretch a defense if he decides that quarterback isn't in his future.

Glynn Watson, PG, Illinois Wolves – No one showed more toughness on Sunday than Watson. After going down with leg cramps in the second half of the title game Watson came back in the game and twice down the stretch got a key bucket at a key time, the second being the game winner right before the buzzer. With long arms and a tight handle, Watson is able to use his quickness to breakdown defenders. His ability to respond from adversity was huge and showed a lot for someone who is asked to be a leader.

Jordan Ash, SG, Illinois Wolves – While Watson came through down the stretch, it was Ash who made some key plays throughout the course of the title game. He is a big time athlete and someone who knows how to score, but he definitely isn't a point right now. Ash can defend and plays hard, and brings a lot of intangibles to the table. Now he needs to keep working on his jumper so he can set up the defense and find a way to utilize all of his athletic gifts.

Ray Smith, PF/SF, Las Vegas Prospects – This is a kid who simply oozes potential. He has good size at about 6-foot-7 on the wing and is capable of playing inside and out. While not a great shooter, he is capable and then also can get to the rim. Add in that Smith is a good athlete, and the sky is the limit. Now he is raw, and is a bit more prospect than player at the moment, but Smith has a lot of tools to work with and showed them all at different points during the weekend.

Nick Babb has offers from Creighton, Wichita State, Lehigh, and Oral Roberts. Also interest is coming in from Oklahoma, Tulsa, Boise State, Marquette, Colorado, and Kansas State

Texas, Oklahoma State, and Kansas State dispatched head coaches for Myles Turner. Also an assistant from SMU joined them.

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