Jayhawk Invitational: Top Performers

Myles Turner was the clear standout performer over the weekend in Kansas City, but he was joined by some others who had big time showings.

Size: 7-0/240 |
Quick Take: No one was more dominant more consistently this weekend than Turner. On the defensive end of the floor he is an absolute game changer with his ability to completely take away the rim, and then on offense he is skilled and has a great touch out to the three point line. Turner is solid running the floor and plays with a high motor. He is just now figuring out how good he is, and could possibly still be growing. The sky is simply the limit here.

Recruiting: Texas, SMU, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Kansas, Ohio State, Kansas State, Baylor

Size: 6-5/180 |
Quick Take: The Houston Defenders needed Burton to step up in a big way this weekend and he did just that. The powerfully built wing was a scoring machine, and he did it by going to the rim as well as from the outside. Burton has always had the natural tools, and he seemed to be doing more to take advantage of them over the weekend. Consistency has been an issue in the past, but he was solid every time out and showed why he could be one of the better wings in the state of Texas.

Recruiting: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Houston, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, New Mexico

Size: 7-10/255 |
Quick Take: Stone definitely did nothing to suggest that he isn't the top player in the class of 2015. He showed off his excellent hands, solid athleticism, and nice touch on the low block. Then of course he was dominant on defense as well. Stone still needs to completely refine his low post game, but there are so many tools to work with for him, it is impressive to think about what he could be in the future, especially considering how good he already is.

Recruiting: Marquette, Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State, Kansas, Ohio State, Indiana, Duke, Kentucky, Arizona

Size: 7-7/200 |
Quick Take: Harris is a completely different player than he was a year ago, and that is a good thing. He is now completely taking over games with his high energy play. Add in that he is far more skilled now than ever, and his stock is absolutely soaring. Harris ran some point guard at times for the Wolves which was impressive, and as usual was excellent on the glass. There is just no choice but to like him with how hard he plays and how much he gets done every time out on the floor.

Recruiting: Iowa State, Creighton, Missouri, Xavier, Dayton, Oregon State, Illinois, Marquette, Kansas State, Iowa, Wisconsin

Size: 6-1/165 |
Quick Take: The strides that Bearden's making is very impressive. He is now one of the more difficult point guards to defend in ball screen situations, and things have really picked up for him. He is an excellent scorer, but also knows how to create for others. Add in that he is a solid athlete, and Bearden's stock is on the rise and all weekend long he was able to put up huge numbers.

Recruiting: Oregon State, Butler, Purdue, Creighton, Green Bay, Iowa, Virginia

Size: 6-11/160 |
Quick Take: No one played a more critical role in the 16 and under title game than Watson. The point guard made huge plays down the stretch and put his team on his back when it mattered the most. A quick and long armed guard with good size, Watson can get places on the court and also is capable of knocking down shots. His development will be interesting to watch, but he definitely shined when his team needed it the most.

Recruiting: Iowa, Illinois State, Purdue, Illinois, Marquette, DePaul

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