Diallo's Recruitment Picking Up

Idrissa Diallo, an intriguing 2014 post prospect from Southern California, has offers from a couple local schools...

Idrissa Diallo, 6-10 JR C Los Angeles (Calif.) Cathedral, is one of the top post prospects in the West Coast class of 2014. While his ball skills are still a work in progress, Diallo has a great frame and runs extremely well. He grew up in Senegal and, as is the case with many Africans that come to the game relatively late, he's still catching up when it comes to feel for the game. However, his physical attributes make him a very interesting prospect and it will be interesting to see how his skills and feel develop in the next year.

I spoke with William Middlebrooks, Diallo's coach at Cathedral, recently and asked him about the schools that Diallo has been hearing from to date.

"Cal, Colorado and Virginia Tech had been on him the hardest," said Middlebrooks. "And now USC and UCLA, with their new staffs, have also been on him very hard. UCLA offered recently when we took an unofficial visit there last Monday."

I asked Middlebrooks what the most important factors will be when Diallo picks a school.

"His relationship with head coach, who he feels comfortable with, will be important," said Middlebrooks. "And then we will look at the roster to see where it might be the best fit. Not only in terms of his position, but also the guards. He needs to play with guards that can make an entry pass. And then he'd like to play somewhere that they run. Also, he won't go to a bad academic school."

I asked Middlebrooks if location will play a role.

"He likes the West Coast, but he also wants to play in the NBA," said Middlebrooks. "And if you play in the league, you might end up anywhere. So I think he's starting to understand that he needs to look for the best fit that will get him to the league. This won't just be a college decision for him; he has a real chance to go pro."

Middlebrooks said Diallo has visited UCLA, USC, Arizona, Arizona State, Cal, Stanford and UNLV.

"For him it's not going to be so much about the visits," said Middlebrooks. "He said after a while they all start to look the same, in terms of they all have nice facilities and things."

Middlebrooks said Diallo likely won't make a decision until the early signing period in November.

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