EYBL Hampton: Breakout Performers

A handful of prospects raised their play in Hampton (Va.) for the EYBL event. Sandy Cohen and Mikal Bridges emerged, while Terry Larrier took his game to another level.

Size: 7-6/185 |
Quick Take: The lengthy 6-foot-6, nearly 6-7 wing, broke out on a big stage. In a match up with Spiece, Bridges showed off athleticism, scoring ability and a lot of upside. Mid-majors have been tracking and offering, but now high major schools are starting to enter the picture. Bridges, who was just 6-3 in the fall, needs to get stronger and spruce up his ball handling, but his he has a lot of raw talent and ability.

Recruiting: Temple, St. Joseph, George Washington, VCU, Virginia Tech, Georgetown, Florida, Villanova, Minnesota

Size: 7-9/210 |
Quick Take: A big, athletic post prospect, Egi impressed with his ability to run and jump. Egi has a strong frame and stands 6-foot-9. He protects the rim, hits the glass, plays with energy and attempts to dunk everything inside. Offensively there is room for improvement, but Egi is a high major prospect and the type of prospect that can impact the game with his defense and ability to rebound.

Recruiting: Harvard, Illinois, Northwestern, Purdue, Stanford,

Size: 7-7/205 |
Quick Take: Last year Larrier was a talent that appeared to be just scratching the surface of his ability. Over the weekend, Larrier played with more aggression and confidence. At 6-foot-7, Larrier is a versatile combo forward. He plays hard, runs the floor with ease and uses his athleticism around the rim. Larrier likes to face up and attack, but can also score with his jump shot. Larrier has made advancements to his game it's noticeable.

Recruiting: Maryland, VCU, Drexel, Providence, St. John's, Maryland, Minnesota, Penn State, Rutgers, George Mason, Seton Hall, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, USC, Memphis, Temple, Texas

Size: 7-9/210 |
Quick Take: After two lackluster games at EYBL Hampton, Boatwright finished the weekend scoring 20, 24 and 17 in his last three games of the event. At 6-oot-8, Boatwright is a stretch four-man. He hunts deep jump shots and has a quick trigger. For his size, he's skilled, moves fluidly and has great touch around the rim. There was buzz building around him during his sophomore season and it appears it was well deserved. He's at the least a top 100 prospect in the 2015 class.

Recruiting: North Carolina State, Arizona, Providence, California, Connecticut, Gonzaga, New Mexico State, Oregon State, San Diego State, UCLA, UNLV, USC, Washington

Size: 6-5/175 |
Quick Take: For the Playground Warriors, Cohen, a 6-foot-5 guard, played on the ball and showed off an advanced skill set for his size. He looked to get his teammates involved, but also scored when he needed too. He has good vision and made good decisions with the basketball. Cohen has had mid-major interest with high majors starting to dabble with him and that's warranted. He scored just over 10 points a game for the Playground Warriors in five games in Hampton.

Recruiting: LaSalle, George Washington, Wisconsin-Green Bay, Minnesota, Maryland, Marquette, Oregon State

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