Jayhawk Invitational: Breakout Performers

The Jayhawk Invitational was a good place to see a lot of kids emerge on the radar. None did it more than class of 2015 shooting guard Jimmy Whitt.

Size: 6-2/155 |
Quick Take: Whitt was one of the most dominant scorers at the event. He showed the ability to get in the lane with his quick first step and good quickness, and then also made a lot of shots from the outside. He needs to get stronger, and become a bit more of a floor general, but the talent is there once he gets older and more physically mature to be very difficult to deal with at the college level.

Recruiting: Wichita State, Arkansas, Creighton, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio State

Size: 7-7/185 |
Quick Take: Smith is an athletic combo forward who looks like he should be able to make the move to a full time wing without too much problem. He is smooth with his handle, and though his shot is inconsistent with results, the release looks fine. Smith needs to continue to get stronger, but his combination of length, athleticism, and raw skill is intriguing and is someone that should continue to get better as the spring and summer goes on.

Recruiting: San Diego State, UNLV

Size: 7-8/225 |
Quick Take: Illikainen began to make a name for himself during the high school season, and he showed why so many colleges are intrigued with his play at the Jayhawk. He is a very skilled interior player who can also step out and make shots. While not an elite athlete or anything close, Illikainen does rebound well and knows how to finish down low.

Recruiting: Colorado, Creighton, Indiana, Iowa State, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northern Iowa, Oregon, Wisconsin

Size: 6-4/195 |
Quick Take: Babb is a strong wing who knows how to score. He shoots the ball pretty well from the outside, and then really has the ability to attack into the mid-range. Babb showed good athleticism and a lot of strength which allows him to get to places on the court. Also on the defensive end he has a lot of versatility in who he is capable of guarding.

Recruiting: Boise State, Colorado, Creighton, Marquette, Oklahoma, Oral Roberts, Tulsa, UAB

Size: 6-5/185 |
Quick Take: Williams is a high level athlete, but he is more than just that. He is a wing with some skill who is excellent when attacking the rim and making plays. Williams has long arms and finishes well in traffic. He could get a bit more consistent shooting the ball, but Williams isn't awful, and he just finds a way to get things done.

Recruiting: SMU, Houston, Texas A&M, Sam Houston State

Size: 6-2/165 |
Quick Take: LaChance is simply someone who gets a lot done despite not being the most athletically gifted. He is a very smart player and someone who can really make shots. On defense he anticipates really well which allows him to get steals and stay in front of his man, then on offense he is crafty with the dribble and is capable of lighting it up from the perimeter.

Recruiting: Drake, North Dakota State, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Western Michigan, Dayton, Creighton, Iowa

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