Spiece Run N Slam: Top Performers

Once again the Spiece Run N Slam proved to be one of the elite tournaments in the entire country, and several players stood out. Leading the way were Jaquan Lyle, Jae'sean Tate, and Chris Chiozza.

Size: 6-5/205 |
Quick Take: Quite simply Tate was dominant. The undersized forward was as productive as any player at the entire event and led his team to the title. Tate is as good a rebounder as you will find, and then is athletic and has a non-stop motor. Absolutely no one in the country plays harder than Tate. On top of that he is getting a little more skilled, and is just someone who refuses to let his team lose.

Recruiting: Committed to Ohio State

Size: 6-10/155 |
Quick Take: The diminutive point guard was a machine for Team Thad. He is as tough as any kid in the country and knows how to get into the lane and create for himself and others. Chiozza creates and finishes through contact very well, and also is an absolute pest on defense. There are very few prospects who have had a better spring than Chiozza, and he continued it with his play at Spiece.

Recruiting: Ohio State, Butler, Florida, Memphis, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Ole Miss, USC, Connecticut

Size: 6-4/210 |
Quick Take: Lyle has always had the natural talent and he is beginning to put it all together. He might have had the signature performance of the entire event with a 44 point showing against the Eric Gordon All-Stars. Lyle proved he can score, and he has always been one of the elite passers in the class. Now he needs to continue to bring the consistent effort and energy every game. If he does he is a prospect who will really have an incredible spring and summer.

Recruiting: Louisville, Illinois, Ohio State, Indiana, UCLA, Tennessee, Florida

Size: 7-8/210 |
Quick Take: Looney can absolutely dominate on the glass. He has long arms, a high motor, solid athleticism, and great instincts for where the ball is coming off of the rim. Add in that he is getting more skilled with his game on offense, and Looney is someone who is an elite prospect and proved it game after game. Looney was excellent all weekend long and was basically as productive as any player at the entire event.

Recruiting: Duke, Michigan, Michigan State, Florida, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Kansas

Size: 6-4/185 |
Quick Take: Coleman led his team to the 16 and under title and did it mostly with his ability to put the ball in the basket. One of the premier shooters in the class, Coleman is excellent at coming off of screens, and knows how to fill it up once his feet are set. Also he continues to make improvements off the bounce, and is showing more effort and consistency on the defensive end. His consistent and strong showings were vital in getting his team the title.

Recruiting: Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Cincinnati, Xavier

Size: 6-3/161 |
Quick Take: Davis is an elite scorer and he proved that while helping The Family to a solid showing at the 16 and under level. He can handle the ball and get to the rim with ease, or he can light it up from deep. Davis is someone who has a ton of ability, and is capable of playing on or off the ball, though he is at his best as a scorer. Once he commits himself on defense as much as he does on offense he will be a dynamic prospect.

Recruiting: Michigan, Michigan State, North Carolina State, Iowa, Iowa State, Oregon, Kentucky

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