Diogu Has A Leader

One of the bigger risers of the summer proved to be Garland (TX) High's Ike Diogu. Schools are lining up to try and make a run at him. However, so far he's rewarding long-term loyalty as the school that's been on him the longest currently leads.

ASU In The Lead

When you averaged 17 points and 12 rebounds while standing 6-9 and weighing 240, it's a little difficult to get lost in the shuffle. Garland (TX) High's Ike Diogu managed to spend much of his junior year in obscurity, at least nationally. Now that the cat's out of the bag, some of the nation's finest programs are hoping to recruit him.

Arizona State, Seton Hall, Alabama, Georgetown, UConn, Illinois, Kansas and Oregon are in the picture. Diogu says all the schools have offered. He'll take the SAT soon so that he can begin taking visits. The NCAA mandates that a recruit can't begin taking official visits until he posts a score on the standardized test.

"I would have to say right now that Arizona State is my leader," Diogu said. "They've been there for a real long time. They've been to a lot of my games but Seton Hall and Illinois are making a real strong push but Arizona State is still my leader."

So, it looks like the Sun Devils did a lot of early homework on Ike. Now, they have to fasten their seatbelts for the stretch run.

Schools are making pitches to Diogu because he turned in a fine summer. Not bad for a guy who was kind of a mystery man to most. "It was pretty much what I expected. I came into the summer unheard of and used it as an opportunity to play hard and show that I can play with all the big names."

At one point, Diogu wasn't sure he'd be a scholarship basketball player. "I thought I was going to go to college on a football scholarship. That was fun for me but I started getting a little taller and I decided that it would be in my best interest to play basketball instead of football."

Up Close With Diogu

Toughest Summer Opponent: Jason Fraser. "He's a good rebounder and he gets good position on you. It's just a battle."

Best Player He Saw: LeBron James. "He's just amazing."

Intended Major: Computer programming.

Family Fact: Parents are from Nigeria. He was born in New York.

In-Home Visits Already Set Up: Arizona State (Sept. 9), Seton Hall (10). Alabama (13).

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