Announcement Primer: Andrew Wiggins

The nation's No. 1 prospect is set to decide and four head coaches are very nervous awaiting his decision. Here is a look at Wiggins recruitment, his talent, and where we think he will end up.

The Recruitment

This one has been a long process. Initially Andrew Wiggins was seen as a member of the 2014 class so things got off to a relatively slow start, but once it picked up it definitely got going in a big way. Wiggins was first made a priority by Florida State when he was still in Canada. With two parents that attended the school, Wiggins became the main priority for Leonard Hamilton and his staff.

Once it became clear just how good Wiggins was, that is when Kentucky began really picking up the interest and joining Florida State as schools showing him significant attention. In fact for quite some time Florida State and Kentucky were the only two schools really recruiting the kid hard.

As time went on, North Carolina, Ohio State, Kansas, and several other schools began to get involved before Wiggins narrowed it down to four with Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas, and Florida State all receiving official visits during his senior season.

Wiggins himself has stayed very quiet about his recruitment. Quite simply not many hints have been given out from day one as to where he is leaning or what he is really thinking. Wiggins is a very quiet kid by nature, and that has definitely maintained that with his recruitment.

Because of that speculation has been all over the board on what Wiggins is thinking. Most for a while felt it was a UK and FSU battle because of connections to the family as well as the recruiting momentum that Kentucky had. Still as time has gone on North Carolina and especially Kansas have begun to gain some momentum.

Still while this recruitment has been very straight forward, nothing has been known concretely and very little in the way of real leaders or information have emerged from day one until today.

The Talent

At about 6-foot-8 and 210 pounds Wiggins is capable of doing pretty much anything he wants on the basketball court. While some like to throw around LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and even Kevin Durant as comparisons, really his games aren't patterned like those guys at all, instead he is simply a generational talent like that guys all were or proved to be.

What Wiggins does best is defend. Quite simply he is the best defender in the entire country. He is capable of guarding guys like Julius Randle on the interior, Jabari Parker in the mid-range, or even Aaron Harrison on the perimeter. That is just the type of talent he has. His athleticism is off the charts, he has a great idea of how to play defense, and he is always playing hard.

While he is an absolute game changer on defense, that doesn't mean for a minute that he isn't capable of really being a problem on offense as well. Wiggins is at his best going to the rim and using his size and freakish athleticism to finish over and through defenders, but he is also becoming a very capable three point jump shooter.

By nature Wiggins isn't a loud kid who loves to takeover, but he knows he is the best player on the floor and tends to takeover when his team needs it the most. That is a developing part of his game, but Wiggins does show killer instinct and the desire to be great.

The Prediction

Snow: Anybody who tells you they know for sure where Wiggins is going better have the last name of Wiggins or is lying to you. This kid has played it that close to the vest. In fact of the final four schools the only one that would surprise me if he went there is North Carolina. Kansas has a lot of momentum recently, but still I think Florida State gets him due to the relationship he has built with Leonard Hamilton. This will be Wiggins decision, and it is never, ever wise to doubt John Calipari and Kentucky in a big time battle, but my guess, and I stress guess, is that he will pick the Garnet and Gold and play in the ACC. Prediction: Florida State

Evan Daniels: As Snow pointed out, Wiggins hasn't given many hints in this deal. Usually it's easy to pair it down to at least two schools and form an educated prediction based on talking with sources around the prospect. Wiggins has made this one difficult. I fully admit, I don't know where he's going, but based on conversations and my take on Wiggins' recruitment I'm going to go with Florida State. Prediction: Florida State

Josh Gershon: From the beginning of this recruitment, there hasn't been a ton of great information available, but the popular belief has always been Florida State. I haven't heard anything to make me predict anyone else. Florida State has to be considered the favorite until Wiggins announces otherwise. Prediction: Florida State

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