Announcement Primer: Chris Chiozza

Four-star point guard Chris Chiozza is set to make his college choice. Here is a look at his game, his recruitment, and where he is expected to land.

The Recruitment

Things haven't always been busy for Chris Chiozza. The Memphis (Tenn) White Station standout burst on to the scene last spring playing with Team Thad, but because of his lack of ideal size, he is about 5-foot-10 and 160 pounds, some college coaches really didn't pursue him that heavily.

However things began to turn around the end of his high school season, and then definitely changed in the month of April. After months of mostly getting attention from schools like Richmond and Massachusetts, Butler began to pick up the interest and would eventually offer. Also schools like Florida, Ohio State, Tennessee, Auburn, Florida, Memphis, USC, and others came in as well.

Chiozza grew up a fan of the Memphis Tigers, and it was his dream school when younger, but the Tigers didn't offer early on, and that led Chiozza to basically deciding that wasn't the right spot for him and getting away for college was the best idea.

With Memphis not a huge factor, schools knew they had an opening, and all during the month of April big time offers were coming in. Throughout it Chiozza kept a level head, and didn't seem to be getting carried away. Still with the in-home visits, the attention, and the phone calls it all began to get very busy, and nearly as soon as his recruitment began to heat up, Chiozza knew the spot for him and decided to put a stop to everything and pick a decision date.

The Talent

Quite simply Chiozza might be the most entertaining player in the entire 2014 class. He has a motor that never stops, elite end to end speed, good athleticism, and is simply someone who makes things happen on the floor. He does that both offensively and defensively.

On the offensive end Chiozza is elite in transition. Not only is he as fast as any player in the country, but his floor vision is off the charts. He sees everything and gets teammates easy buckets every time when on the break, and really that is where he excels.

While he has always been good in transition, now Chiozza is beginning to improve more and more in the half court. His outside shot has gotten better and better, and now he is a threat from deep, while also being a problem for defenses off of ball screens.

Defensively he just flat out causes havoc. Because of his quickness and toughness, Chiozza will really pressure opposing ball handlers, and then also is great at getting steals by jumping passing lanes or just ripping opposing point guards of their dribble. Overall he creates a ton of turnovers.

The Prediction

Chiozza made it clear at the beginning of his process that he really liked the way the Florida Gators play. Not only does Florida give their guards a lot of freedom within the offense, but also they have had success with smaller guards in the past, and that is important to him. Even though Chiozza hasn't yet visited Gainesville and he was very intrigued with the opportunity at Ohio State, the pick looks to be Florida. Prediction: Florida

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