Conway keeps opening eyes with play

Four-star point guard Austin Conway has been very impressive all spring long and college coaches are taking a long look.

The Colorado Hawks are one of the best 16 and under AAU teams in the country, and one of the major reasons for that is the play of point guard Austin Conway. The 5-foot-9 Conway might not be the tallest player around, but virtually nobody is faster baseline-to-baseline, and he is improving his decision making as well.

With his speed and ability to breakdown a defense, Conway has been impressive all spring long for the Hawks. He helped them to the title at the Chicago Classic over Memorial Day weekend, and overall just keeps trying to get better.

"I have been playing well," said Conway. "I was fortunate enough to get invited to adidas Nations, and the coaching staff there taught me a lot. I have been taking everything from there and incorporating it with the Hawks."

He continued, "I think I am doing a good job of mastering the point guard position. I don't think I am there yet, but I am getting there. I am learning when I need to score myself and then also set up my teammates to do what they do best."

Recruiting wise a lot of schools are paying close attention and have been tracking Conway during the spring.

"Indiana, Arizona, Harvard, Stanford, Illinois, Colorado, and Colorado State have all been talking to me," listed Conway.

Colorado snagged one highly touted in-state guard in 2014 with Dominique Collier, and they are hoping to do the same in 2015 with Conway.

"It is an honor to hear from the hometown team," Conway explained. "It shows that they are recognizing their hometown talent, and it is really great. I like Colorado and I am looking forward to watching them play. I think they do a good job with their coaching staff and their players. I hung around there a few times this year, and the players aren't only remarkable athletes but remarkable people as well."

Illinois has been actively looking at point guards in 2015, and one they definitely like is Conway.

"They like me," said Conway of the Illini. "Every school knows that you can get better, and they want me to get better, but they like the way I play and handle my team. I appreciate them telling me that."

For now Conway is taking it all in, but the four-star point guard does have a good idea of what he is looking for in a school.

"I look at academics first and athletics second," said Conway. "I want to go somewhere where I can fit in and be successful. I wouldn't go somewhere as a point guard where I didn't think I would fit in and be successful. I want to look for a school where I can come in and run the offense. Also I want to play for a coach who is going to stay on me, a coach who is going to ride me until we win a national championship."

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