Chicago Classic: Top Performers

The Chicago Classic was one of the best over Memorial Day weekend. Freshman Braxton Blackwell as well as Kevon Looney and Austin Conway led the way with their play.

Size: 6-8/165 |
Quick Take: There aren't too many players faster than Conway, and he used that speed to his advantage in a big way. Conway scored going to the rim and really put pressure on the defense with his dribble. Now he does need to improve going left and also with his jumper, but he sees the floor well and knows how to run a team. Also despite being small, on defense he causes havoc with ball pressure and constant energy.

Recruiting: Colorado, Colorado State, Arizona, Stanford, Harvard, Illinois, Indiana

Size: 6-5/170 |
Quick Take: Macura is one of the better shooters in the region and he showed that, but he also proved he is more than just a shooter. He got to the rim off the dribble fairly well and also showed an ability to finish in traffic. Defensively he is serviceable because of his long arms and good anticipation and understanding. Still it was his offense and shot making that was so impressive.

Recruiting: Creighton, Minnesota, Butler, Dayton, Iowa, St. Louis

Size: 7-7/200 |
Quick Take: Blackwell is young, but he is very talented. The versatile wing can play all over the court, and he does so with great effectiveness. He showed the ability to score inside over smaller defenders, and then at the same time he was making shots from the mid-range. Also he can really handle the ball and is a good athlete. His production was very consistent, and Blackwell was huge in a few big wins for his team.

Recruiting: Tennessee, Memphis, Vanderbilt, Providence, Georgia Tech, Florida

Size: 7-8/210 |
Quick Take: Once again Looney was an absolute monster. The five-star forward showed exactly why with his impressive play. He scored around the rim, hit from the mid-range, and got nearly every rebound that came off the rim. Also he ran the floor fairly well and blocked some shots. Looney isn't explosive as an athlete, but he has good timing and gives very good effort.

Recruiting: Duke, Michigan, Michigan State, Florida, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Kansas

Size: 7-6/210 |
Quick Take: Martin is flat out one of the most productive players on the circuit. It isn't always pretty with Martin, but he finds a way to get it done. Martin was getting buckets every way possible, he hit from deep and got to the rim using his strength and toughness. Defensively he doesn't always give maximum effort, but he flat out knows how to get buckets.

Recruiting: Butler, Xavier, Providence, Creighton, Boston College, St. Louis

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