Elite 100: 2015 perimeter players

ST. LOUIS - There were plenty of standouts in the 2015 class at the Nike Elite 100 on the perimeter. Leading the way were Eric Davis, Luke Kennard, and Jaylen Brown, but they were far from the only ones who showed well.

Eric Davis, SG – Davis has it in his mind that he is a point guard, but the bottom line is the kid is as elite a scorer as there is in the class. Absolutely no one was able to keep him from getting into the lane and making plays off the dribble. Also his outside shot was cooking, and with good size and solid athleticism, Davis is someone who will put up points at a high level for a long time to come. Quite simply there might not have been a more productive player at the camp and Davis did it without being a shot jacker which was a very good thing.

Jaylen Brown, SG/SF – Versatility is the name of the game with Brown. He can just do so much on the basketball floor it is scary. Brown is very athletic, strong going to the rim, can make shots, and has a great handle. Add in that defensively he has serious lockdown potential, and overall he might have been the top performer at the camp. Brown is still figuring out how to play, and once he does it is scary to think about how good he will become.

Luke Kennard, SG – The Ohio native had another excellent event proving to everyone that he is not only a high level shooter, but pretty darn good at everything on the basketball floor. He is more than athletic enough to guard high level wings, and then on offense his IQ separates him from most of his peers. Kennard is still somewhat left hand dominant, but he was able to get by guys going either direction. Add in that he makes plays for himself and others, and Kennard might have been the most complete wing at the entire camp.

Malachi Richardson, SG/SF – His wingspan measured in at a ridiculous 6-foot-10, and that combines with good height to make Richardson a matchup nightmare on the wing. Richardson is one of the best shooters in the class, and his high release means not many shots get challenged. Also he is improving some off the dribble and is a pretty good athlete as well. He could be more assertive with his complete game, but the length and shot making are quite impressive.

Melvin Frazier, SG/SF – The Louisiana native stood out with his versatility and ability to do so many different things. What he does best is clearly slash to the paint and make plays with his athleticism. Frazier also knocked in a few shots from the mid-range, but it was his ability to make plays off the bounce which stood out at the camp.

A.J. Harris, PG – There aren't many better leaders than Harris. Though he is only 5-foot-8, Harris' explosive athleticism allowed him to finish around the rim, and his quickness is top notch when it comes to getting into the lane. Harris is limited as a shooter, and that needs to improve, but he has great floor vision and knows how to lead a team. Also, and maybe most importantly, Harris really pressured the ball on defense limiting the deficiency that he has because of his height.

Aaron Holiday, SG/PG – He has point guard, but a shooting guard game. Holiday had his shot working, and there is no question that the kid can put the ball in the basket. He shot the ball a lot, and honestly was pretty good at doing it, but there just didn't look to be much distribution in his game. If Holiday wants to continue to improve he will need to show more of a feel for playing the position, that said he can put the ball in the basket and is very quick with the dribble.

Matt McQuaid, SG/SF – A lot of the time McQuaid gets typecast as a shooter, and while he can shoot, and shoot at an elite level, that isn't fair. McQuaid can do more than shoot. He is actually adequate on the defensive end, scores some off the dribble, and shows a good feel for being able to play. Now going forward he is going to make his name making shots, still it was a good camp for McQuaid as he handled athleticism well, and showed he can be a complete player on the offensive end.

Franklin Howard, SG – The athletic wing put it all together during the camp. Howard was really scoring it going to the rim, and then used his athleticism to finish over defenders and make plays on the defensive end. Howard wasn't a knockdown shooter, but he did make a few shots from the outside. Still it was his athleticism and ability to score going to the rim that stood out and made him one of the best performers at the camp.

Allonzo Trier, SG – Trier is a very high level athlete, and he put that on display with some impressive dunks, but what he does best is flat out shoot the basketball. He was on fire for much of the camp knocking in shots from all over the floor. Now he did shoot it a bit too much, and didn't run the team while dominating the ball, but still he was an effective scorer for sure. Look for Trier to be one of the tougher wings to defend in the class with his athleticism, length, and shot making.

Davon Dillard, SF – During the high school year Dillard struggled at times, but in this camp he really picked things up. Dillard has a big time motor and is a near elite level athlete. Skill wise he doesn't stand out, but his ability to finish through contact and bully his way to the rim was on display. Also defensively Dillard did a very good job, and was one of the better rebounders at the camp despite playing on the wing. Dillard will need to replicate this performance going forward as it was a major step forward.

Prince Ali, SG/SF – Ali is a very good athlete and someone who can handle the ball and just knows how to get by people and get to the rim. He finishes pretty well around the basket and has long arms. Also Ali showed some ability to pass the basketball, and looked like in a pinch he could handle some primary ball handler duties. Still he is a wing, and he needs to improve his shot, but he has a lot of potential going forward.

Austin Grandstaff, SG – Always a high level shooter, Grandstaff did a lot of very good things in the camp. As usual he got hot and hit some big time shots and proved to be very difficult to defend. Also Grandstaff did a few other things making some plays off the bounce and showing some significant toughness. He still doesn't set up others, but when it comes to getting buckets, he can flat out do that.

Corey Sanders, PG – There aren't many better athletes from the point guard position than Sanders. He had a few ridiculous dunks that brought a lot of attention of many, but it was his improved decision making that was good to see. He will never be a true pass first point guard, but he can more than play the position, and Sanders knows how to score as well as run the show. Also his strength and size give him the potential to be an elite defender and someone who really is effective pressuring the ball.

Jalen Brunson, PG – When it comes to running a team, being smart, and making all the correct plays, there might not be any better than Brunson. He is big time at doing all of those things and then adds in an ability to knockdown shots as well. Brunson will never be confused with one of the best athletes in the class, but his basketball IQ and feel for the game make him one of the most effective players.

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