London Getting Looks

2014 Nashville Celtics 6-foot-9, 195 pound prospect Makinde London talks about his game, recruiting, and AAU season inside.

The AAU season is well underway, and Nashville Celtics Makinde London has been enjoying the ride so far.

"It is going pretty well, I have been getting in some foul trouble lately but I am trying to work on staying on the ground and stuff, but I have been doing pretty well," London said.

There are several things that London is focusing on this summer, and will continue to do so in the fall.

"Mainly my strength, being close to the ground and staying close to the ground," London said. "I am working on attacking the basket strongly, getting rebounds and boxing out kind of aggressively and just playing more aggressively."

That hard work seems to be paying off for London and the Nashville Celtics team.

"We have been doing pretty well, we got to the final four in Atlanta for the Bob Gibbons tournament, and we have been doing pretty well," London said. "I think we have been becoming more mature, and we are learning how to close games and close tournaments."

And as for his recruiting? That is going well too.

"It's picked up pretty well, before the season started I wasn't really hearing from that many schools but now I have Texas, Tennessee, VCU, Marshall, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, I have a lot of schools that are coming at me now," London said.

He added, "Some have offered, some have interest, I think it is time for me to see some more offers come around."

Right now London has offers from Tennessee Tech, Mississippi State, and Wichita State .

"There are a couple schools, Murray State, Wichita State, Mississippi State has a camp coming up, I am going to try to go to as many camps as I can. I am going to try to get some looks out there," London said.

And on the court, the 6-foot-9. 195 pound prospects goals remain largely the same.

"I am just trying to win, I like to win. We are just trying to win and get our name out there," London said. "Some of our players are very skilled, that don't have their names out as well. So I feel like the more we win, the more we get recognized. So the more we get recognized the more offers we would get as well."

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