NBPA Camp: Friday AM, Part I

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va - Class of 2015 post Cheick Diallo and 2014 power forward Abdul-Malik Abu were both excellent during the morning session at the NBPA Top 100 Camp.

Abdul-Malik Abu, PF – Abu has always been someone with a nice touch who also can convert around the rim with strength, but he showed a new level of explosion in the morning game. Abu had a big time highlight reel dunk on a baseline drive, and then he followed it up with his improved perimeter game. Abu has had an excellent spring and he is continuing that with his strong play here.

Romelo Trimble, SG – Once again Trimble was absolutely on fire shooting the ball. Though he isn't super quick with the dribble he knows how to keep his defender off balance and creates enough space to get his shot off. Also Trimble had a few nice passes and looked pretty comfortable handling the ball. There aren't many more efficient scorers in the country and Trimble proved that over and over again.

Paschal Chukwu, C – It was an excellent morning performance for Chukwu. The athletic big man of course blocked shots, but he also stayed out of foul trouble by not trying to block everything and staying disciplined. On offense he showed good hands, ran the floor very well, and had a couple of nice finishes off of dump off passes. Chukwu most importantly knows what he is, and doesn't try to do things he isn't capable of, and that leads to him being very effective.

Cody Martin, SF/PF – It was a good game for Martin who was hitting threes and making some plays off the bounce. Martin looked a bit more athletic than before and was really active on defense. Offensively he was at his best in catch and shoot situations, but did have one or two nice moves off the dribble to go with it.

Kelly Oubre, SF/SG – Not too many kids have the versatility of Oubre. Defensively he was a problem using his long arms and quick feet to keep players out of the lane. Also he plays hard on both ends so that often limits the effectiveness of the offensive players. Oubre offensively didn't have a great game, but he did get to the rim a few times and hit from the mid-range once.

Kameron Chatman, SF – His shot selection needed a little bit of work, but that was about the only negative to his game. Chatman showed off his impressive athleticism by grabbing a few rebounds and also finishing home a dunk. Then he went to work from the outside with a great touch and knocking in several triples. Overall once he gets stronger and more experienced he should be a big time performer.

Reid Travis, PF – Slightly undersized, Travis makes up for it by being very athletic and strong. He used that toughness and rugged play to his advantage during the morning game. Travis mixed it up on the glass and finished through defenders with strength. Also defensively he held his ground well and challenged shots. Add in an improved mid-range jumper and Travis is definitely one to watch.

JaQuan Newton, SG/PG – Never known as a shooter, Newton had a very good game shooting the basketball in the morning. Newton hit a pair of triples, and then also hit from the mid-range. Still he didn't forget his bread and butter, and attacked going to the rim finishing with athleticism and strength. No one has been able to keep Newton out of the lane in the past, and slowly but surely his shot is beginning to get better.

Tyler Ulis, PG – Ulis just did what Ulis does. He controlled the action, showed good court vision, and then did enough on his own shooting to be the difference. Ulis overall has been excellent, and everyone on his team looks to be thrilled to be on the floor with him. His pure point guard skills have made his teammates look good, and Ulis himself has clearly emerged as one of the best point guards here.

Cheick Diallo, C – There won't be too many more dominant performances than the one Diallo delivered on Friday morning. On defense he blocked shots, rebounded, and caused problems all around. Then on offense he finished with dunks, got to the foul line, and showed an improved touch. Diallo is really beginning to put it all together and he has been dominant against some of the top bigs in the country.

Chance Comanche, PF/C – It was a solid early showing for Comanche who is just oozing with potential. Comanche runs the floor very well, has good length, and is a very good athlete. Offensively he is somewhat raw, but he did find a way to be productive around the rim. Also he was good rebounding where despite being at a strength disadvantage he battled and competed.

Charles Matthews, PG/SG – It was a solid showing for Matthews who has a ton of upside in his game. Matthews handles the ball like a point, but has the size and scoring ability of a shooting guard. Right now he is more comfortable on the ball than off, but he is capable of doing both roles. Also defensively he gives good effort and is very good at finishing on the baseline through traffic.

Caleb Swanigan, C – At 6-foot-7 Swanigan isn't the biggest guy and he definitely isn't the most athletic, but not too many posts at the camp have been more productive. Swanigan has great feet around the rim and a very nice touch. He knows how to use his wide frame to create space and get his shot off, and then he will give effort running the floor and has excellent hands. Swanigan needs to continue to get in shape and improve, but in the morning games he was excellent and showed definite upside.

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