NBPA Camp: Friday AM Notebook

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - Just how good is Myles Turner? Is Jordan McLaughlin willing to join another point guard in a 2014 recruiting class? What's Cheick Diallo's talent level in 2015? And how far is Namon Wright away from a decision?

Turner on the rise

If you file through our current 2014 rankings, Myles Turner isn't listed. But don't worry, that will change soon. In fact, that's going to change in a major way.

At the beginning of this past high school season, Turner was an unknown. As the season wore on phone calls began to trickle in from college coaches and he quickly became a priority to watch during AAU season.

It only took a few events to determine that Turner, a 7-footer out of Euless (Tex.) Trinity, is an elite prospect.

Turner is a dominant defensive player. With his size, length and jumping ability, he's one of the best shot blockers in the 2014 class. At NBPA Camp, he looks confident and at times dares the opposition to attempt to get a shot over him.

On top of that, he runs the floor well, has great hands and can face up for jump shots. He'll need to spruce up his offense, but he's just scratching the surface of his long term potential.

We will update our 2014 rankings prior to the July evaluation periods and look for Turner to not only jump into five-star status but in or near the top 10 range.

McLaughlin will run solo

One of the more close to the vest recruiting processes in 2014 has come from 6-foot, 170-pound Etiwanda (Calif.) point guard Jordan McLaughlin.

There hasn't been too many leaks from those close to the kid about where he's leaning towards college and he certainly hasn't revealed much publicly.

McLaughlin has, however, made it clear that he's on his own timetable and in no rush to make a decision. That's forced colleges to seriously consider other point guards, something McLaughlin has noted.

"I'm trying to stay up in the rankings so I have the upper hand on the other point guards," McLaughlin said.

If a school that is recruiting McLaughlin takes another point guard, that's going to significantly hurt its chances of landing him.

"I don't want to go to a school that is bringing in two point guards in the same class," McLaughlin said.

African Imports Shine

Over the past decade more and more prospects from the continent of Africa have come over and made an impact in college basketball. Maybe the best example is Hasheem Thabeet who starred for Connecticut, and on Friday a pair of native Africans proved more talent is on the way.

Class of 2015 prospect Cheick Diallo has been one of the best players all spring long, and on Friday he took it to an even new level. Diallo blocked shots, dunked everything he could on offense, and was very active.

Also Diallo showed good hands and proved to be one of the best at the entire camp. His presence alone has changed the way several bigs going against him play, and there is no question that he will be rated very highly for the remainder of his high school career.

Like Diallo, Paschal Chukwu also turned heads with his play on Friday morning. Chukwu is one of the premier shot blockers in the 2014 class, but now he is more than that.

Now Chukwu is showing that he can score a little bit from 10 feet and in, and also he is rebounded the ball better than ever. While Chukwu is a little bit raw, he has a ton of natural ability and has been making strides in a big way over the past 12 months.

While not all prospects from Africa have turned out to be successes in college basketball, Diallo and Chukwu are two who not only have size and athleticism, but the skill, work ethic, and hands to be effective going forward.

Wright still wide open

About a month ago, 6-foot-5, 185-pound shooting guard Namon Wright made the decision to switch high schools during his senior year from Los Angeles Pacific Hills to Henderson (Nev.) Findlay Prep.

With the move, Wright figures he could end up getting a lot more recruiting attention, something that could delay the four-star prospect's decision.

"I might build my list up when I get to Findlay just because I'm going to get a lot more looks being at a powerhouse school," Wright said.

Wright identified Oregon, UCLA, USC, Florida State and Gonzaga as the schools recruiting him the hardest and still doesn't have a timetable on a decision.

"I could make a decision early or late," he said. "I'm not sure."

* Josh Gershon, Evan Daniels, Brian Snow and Brandon Huffman contributed to this report.

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