Harris finds great fit

Four-star forward Malek Harris has found a great fit for how he plays, and that is at Marquette.

If there is one word that would be uses most to describe Marquette over the last few years it would be "toughness". In fact often times Buzz Williams as well as the media have referred to the culture of toughness and playing hard in describing the Golden Eagles. Keeping with that, Malek Harris is now on board.

At 6-foot-7 and around 210 pounds, Harris is someone who not many opponents like to face. The reason is he is a hard playing, tough, nasty, and competitive dude on the basketball court. Harris took his game to a new level with the Illinois Wolves during the spring, and he looks like he will fit in perfectly with Marquette.

Stylistically Harris and Marquette is a great match. Marquette likes to have their power forward space the floor and attack via the drive. In the past Marquette has done that with players like Jae Crowder and Lazar Hayward, and currently on the roster is another player in that mold, Jamil Wilson.

So the skill set is there for how Marquette likes to play. Instead of having a traditional 6-foot-8 and 240 pound forward, Marquette goes with a smaller more mobile, yet tough guys who are matchup problems. Harris fits that perfectly given that he loves to attack off the bounce, and then also he rebounds the ball at a high level for his size because of his athleticism, length, and high motor.

Now you combine a great stylistic fit with an open depth chart. The only players on Marquette's depth chart at power forward or center in 2014-15 are Steve Taylor and Jameel McKay.

Now McKay is a bit more of a power forward than a center, but McKay does prefer to play inside and use his rebounding ability to make a statement. That leaves a lot of potential minutes for Harris at the power forward, as Taylor is more of a space the floor shooter who isn't an elite rebounder.

Harris next to McKay, who is a junior college transfer, gives Williams and his staff a great start to build on with the frontcourt. There might not be a duo in the entire country who will play harder and more aggressively than those two. Also since one likes to play inside and the other from the mid-range and out, they will space the floor well and provide a nice contrast.

Harris is the exact type of player that Williams has won with in the past. He is athletic, tough, and talented. Williams likes to identify his type of kid and attack on the recruiting trail and he did just that in securing the commitment of Harris before the start of July.

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