This Helicopter Is Taking Off

For Eric Hicks, it's all about attitude. With a warrior-like approach to basketball, Hicks cut loose on the AAU scene in July and made his mark on the national scene. He's 6-6 and tough define with a specific position so we'll just call him an athlete, a term he was particularly pleased to hear.

Big Summer Leads To Heavy Interest For Hicks

"Who is that guy," blurted one college assistant watching NC ATH Eric Hicks for the first time at Nike Camp. That was the general reaction to observers watching Hicks amass 10+ dunks in a single game at Nike Camp.

"I could dunk some more if it's called for," Hicks said. I've been doing it my life, just nobody seen me."

Now, the cat is out of the bag. BlueChipHoops actually saw Hicks back in January, but it wasn't the same athlete we saw in July. At the time, Hicks was recovering from ACL/MCL surgery. Let me tell you, if that surgery produces the same results for everyone as it did for Hicks, we should all go through the process.

Hicks, now obviously fully recovered from the injury, says that he could jump even higher prior to the surgery. Say what? This kid has as much bounce to his game as anyone in the country and he's had a knee overhaul.

"I've been wondering how you get in the rankings. Back home, my nickname is Helicopter." Back home is Greensboro (NC) Dudley and it's going to be a popular stomping ground for collegiate recruiters.

Hicks' list reads Cincinnati, UConn, Tennessee, Oklahoma, LSU, Georgia, Arkansas, Florida State, Clemson and Wake Forest. Hicks is under the impression that each of those schools has offered him a scholarship. Charlotte was said to be extremely impressed with the somewhat local star, but has since cooled its pursuit. "After they called an offered [in July], I haven't heard from them. They haven't called after that."

Let's make this clear: Hicks fears no one, but he was extremely impressed with Amare Stoudemire. "Anybody could be stopped, but the only person I see that tries to dunk on people like I do is Stoudemire." And, he's right.

So, instead of trying to figure out what position to refer to him as – your choices are power forward and wing forward – we've decided to steal a term from our football counterparts and just simply call him an "athlete."

"You know what, just call me ‘The Helicopter'," Hicks said.

Sure, no problem.

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