Scouting Marcanvis Hymon

Here is an in depth scouting report on what Marcanvis Hymon brings to the table for Ole Miss.

The Ole Miss Rebels picked up a commitment today from three-star forward Marcanvis Hymon. The Memphis (Tenn) Whitehaven and Team Thad product brings a lot to the table, and here is a close look.

On Offense

Right now Hymon shows more potential than anything on the offensive end. He has the tools to be someone who will be effective, though right now he is a bit of a work in progress.

Hymon stands right around 6-foot-7 and about 185-190 pounds, so he doesn't have the traditional build of a power forward however he is at his best playing in that spot. Hymon will get stronger so that isn't a major concern, but right now his lack of strength means he is most effective in the high post area.

One area where Hymon has really improved is with his mid-range jumper. Hymon has been fairly consistent hitting it, and with his athleticism and length he is able to finish over defenders even when his shot is challenged.

Offensive rebounding is one area where Hymon is pretty good. Hymon plays with a high motor and he is quick to go along with his length and athleticism, so he gets his hands on a lot of misses and is able to create second chance opportunities for his team.

Hymon however can be a bit inconsistent with his production since he is often pushed off of where he wants to be on the court due to his lack of strength, and then he also doesn't have any refined post moves. If he can find a way to develop a go to scoring option that would greatly help his game.

Also at times Hymon can try to show off his small forward game, and that just isn't the best look for him. Hymon isn't super skilled while being undersized and sometimes he can try to do too much, and that takes him away from his comfort zone and where he is most effective.

Overall Hymon is mostly flashes and energy on the offensive end right now, but he does have some tools to work with.

On Defense

Hymon is an interesting case on the defensive end because he has some things that you really like, and also some major areas for concern.

His strengths would be that he can really block shots, has the athleticism and long arms to be versatile in who he can guard, and also he gives maximum effort on that end of the floor.

The negatives would be he isn't big enough to guard on the low block, and often times gets himself in foul trouble because he doesn't have a good understanding of how to defend under control and without fouling.

Overall added strength will be the biggest thing for Hymon. How much weight can he put on, and when he does add that weight will he keep all of his quickness and athleticism. If he is able to do that then he could be a disruptive defender down the road, though right now he is probably average to slightly above on the defensive end.


There is a reason that Hymon is a high three-star recruit, and it is that he has a lot of potential. Right now he is a solid to average producer, but the upside is most certainly there. If he can get stronger and continue to develop on the offensive end he should be able to have a productive college career.

A hard worker, there is no reason to believe that Hymon won't quickly improve when he gets into the structure of a college program.

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