Jack Returns From Jordan Camp

Last week, Michael Jordan had a few new teammates. High schoolers Shavlik Randolph, Matt Walsh and Jarrett Jack each had the opportunity to lace them up with the Great One. Jack talks about his week with "His Airness" and also his recruitment, which now stands at three schools.

Michigan State, Georgia Tech, Miami Chase Jack

Last week, PG Jarrett Jack was flying high with Michael Jordan at the former NBA star's Flight School in California. This week, a fever and a sore throat have him grounded. However, he has an unofficial visit to Georgia Tech set for Tuesday and he's hoping to feel better in time to head to Atlanta and spend some time with Paul Hewitt.

Jack says he's considering the Yellow Jackets, Michigan State and Miami. All three have laid scholarship offers on the table, but Jack hasn't budged nor tipped his hand yet. He says there is no leader at the present time.

While working the Jordan Camp, Jack had a chance to spend some time with the world's greatest basketball player. In fact, he got closer to Jordan than most kids ever will.

"It was me, Shavlik Randolph and Matt Walsh," Jack said. "All the campers would watch us play and I was on Michael's team every night. Each counselor gets their own photo with Michael Jordan." Jack said the gym would be opened to spectators for the games and every time out it was packed. "Pictures were flashed every two seconds."

"He can still play. He and Darius Miles were pretty competitive. Michael would get him every time with the fade away." But, Jack said Miles was able to score on Jordan and he thinks that Michael will take his show on the road back to the NBA next season. That remains to be seen, but the experience will be one Jack treasures for the rest of his life.

With the experience of playing with Jordan now in his past, Jack is focusing on school. He's heading to Worcester Academy to play for Mo Cassara and school begins Sept. 5. In the meantime, he has the Tech visit and some thinking to do.

"Basically, the visits are important," Jack said. "If the coach seems sincere and I like those places, that will be the difference."

Up Close

Toughest Summer Opponent: Dee Brown.

Favorite Moment: "Definitely the Michael Jordan camp. Just getting to see him is an honor in itself."

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