Adidas Invitational: Top Performers

The adidas Invitational had some elite level performances all week long. It wasn't just 2014 prospects who stepped up, some 2015's and a 2016 also were dominant at the event.

Size: 7-9/210 |
Quick Take: Bragg might have been the most consistent performer at the entire event. He is long, athletic, active, and skilled. What separated Bragg was the way he communicated and how hard he played. A kid who obviously loves basketball, he keeps getting better and refuses to be out worked on the court. His size and athleticism are extremely impressive, and it is incredible to see the strides he has made. At the event he dominated at times and only raised his already high stock.

Recruiting:Ohio State, Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State, Indiana, West Virginia, Duke

Size: 7-9/210 |
Quick Take: Not the most refined player on offense, Okonoboh is absolutely dominant on defense. Okonoboh rebounded the ball at a high level both on offense and defense, and then took away the rim with his blocked shots. On top of that he played so hard that he was able to get his share of garbage points. Look for Okonoboh to continue to improve as coaches begin really track him all July long.

Recruiting: Louisville, Indiana, Boston College, Providence, Ohio State, Duke, Syracuse, Minnesota, Pittsburgh

Size: 7-7/220 |
Quick Take: Bridges broke out during the Chicago Classic, and this week he proved to be one of the elite prospects in the 2016 class. Bridges is a big wing who is a good athlete that can do it all. He makes shots from deep, attacks off the bounce, and then is capable of finishing around the rim. Others in the state of Michigan get more hype in the class, but Bridges has shown he is as good as anyone.

Recruiting: Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Xavier

Size: 7-8/210 |
Quick Take: Looney did what Looney does. While he sometimes settled a bit on the offensive end shooting threes, Looney still was dominant on the glass and showed a good ability to block shots. When he did go inside no one really had an answer for him. Looney has very long arms which allows him to play down low despite being slightly undersized. Once he gets more comfortable and is around teammates who let him dominate, Looney is going to be a terror.

Recruiting: Duke, Michigan, Michigan State, Florida, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Kansas

Size: 6-4/185 |
Quick Take: While Coleman wasn't the star in the title game, he was one of the best players at the event from start to finish. His ball handling continues to improve, but it is his shot making that separates him from others. Coleman was hitting in the mid-range off the dribble and also off the catch from deep. Coleman is continuing to improve on the defensive end as well, and was instrumental in his team getting yet another major title.

Recruiting: Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Cincinnati, Xavier

Size: 6-2/185 |
Quick Take: Joseph has always been a very athletic guard who finds a way to make things happen, but at the adidas Invitational he showed a much better feel for how to play the position. He was good not only in transition, but in the half court as well. Joseph is an athletic and fast point guard who can push the pace and showed he is also a very capable scorer.

Recruiting: Syracuse, Connecticut, Boston College, Providence, Pittsburgh, Georgetown

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