GASO: Day One

DUNCANVILLE, Tx - Alex Robinson and the Texas Titans were very impressive. Also a whole host of bigs made an impact on Saturday at the Great American Shootout.

Emmanuel Mudiay, PG, MWA Elite – Mudiay did his usual deal and it was quite impressive. The high scoring floor general had a stretch in the second half where he put on a show at an absolute elite level. He made good passes, shot the ball from three, had a tip dunk, and overall completely dominated the game. There isn't much that he struggles with, and Mudiay showed every last bit of his ability on Saturday.

Ben Lammers, PF/C, South Texas Spurs – Lammers absolutely dominated the first part of a morning game. The athletic post blocked six shots in the first five minutes of the game and set the tone for the rest of the way. With Lammers taking away the rim, his team built a big lead and held on to win. Also on offense he had a few dunks, ran the floor, and showed some major potential.

David Wacker, PF/C, South Texas Spurs – Wacker wasn't as dominant as Lammers, but offensively he showed off a good ability to score. He scored on the block and then hit some perimeter jumpers. However it was his passing that separated him. Wacker made a few very nice passes out of the high post showing what he can do when his team played through him.

Michael Humphrey, C, Arizona Magic – In an afternoon win Humphrey completely controlled the action. He has as good a set of hands as any big guy in the class and can really run the floor. Humphrey rebounded well, finished in the paint, and showed a nice touch facing the rim. He was the biggest kid on the floor, and played like it controlling the action on the inside and showing he has made some very big strides with his game.

Mitch Solomon, C/PF, PWP – A virtual unknown heading into July, Solomon now has virtually the entire Big XII on him. He is a legit 6-foot-8, maybe a touch taller, has a nasty streak, rebounds, and has a great touch facing the rim. Solomon knocked in threes, scored some on post moves, and overall was excellent. He isn't an impact guy on the defensive end as a shot blocker, but he is tough and will rebound. Solomon is someone who is a no doubt high-major prospect and could enter in to rankings discussions.

Elbert Robinson, C, Dallas Seawolves – There isn't a bigger human being on a basketball court at the high school level than Robinson, and he plays like it. The Dallas native controls things on the block and does an excellent job of getting deep post position. Robinson goes to dunk everything on offense, then on defense he cleans the glass. Though he doesn't get many post touches, Robinson makes the most of them.

Makinde London, PF, D 13 – London had a quiet first game as his team was blowing folks out, and then in an evening loss he showed his skills. London is one of the more skilled power forwards out there. He was hitting threes, attacking off the bounce, and using his athleticism down low. London is still a work in progress, but he has big time talent.

Omar Sherman, PF/C, Deron Williams Elite – Not a big time athlete, Sherman does find a way to be productive. He scores pretty well down low and has a nice touch out to the three point line. Also Sherman is fairly active and will get maximum effort running the floor. Sherman needs to continue to get in better shape and tone up his body, but there is no questioning his ability on the block and his skill at a legit 6-foot-8.

Josh Perkins, PG, Colorado Miners – Perkins isn't going to wow anybody with quickness or speed, but he is one heck of a passer. He had a few incredible passes in an afternoon win, and then again in the evening. Unfortunately for Perkins his shot wasn't falling at all so that took away from things. Also he can get a little too fancy and try things that don't work, but his floor vision is impressive.

Alex Robinson, PG, Texas Titans – There isn't a whole lot he struggled with today. The Titans were in control of their games and Robinson was a big reason why. He got the ball to shooters at the right time, and also was able to create for himself and others by getting into the lane. Robinson is also an above average athlete who can finish over bigs with either floaters or dunks.

D.J. Hogg, PF, Texas Titans – Hogg looks taller now than he was in June, but other than that nothing has really changed. He still shoots the heck out of the ball and rebounds fairly well. Hogg does most of his damage on the wing, though defensively he is best as a four man. Still as a stretch player he is one heck of a difficult matchup. Hogg played at a very high level all day long.

Tyler Davis, C, Texas Titans – There aren't too many better low post scorers than Davis. Though he lacks a lot of explosiveness, Davis has great footwork and a nice touch. His hands are also elite level and he snags every rebound. Beyond that Davis is running the floor better than ever and proving that he is one of the better post prospects going in the class.

Malik Newman, SG, MWA Elite – It should be illegal for Newman and Mudiay to be in a backcourt together, but they are and it is fun to watch. The day was mostly Mudiay's, but Newman had his highlights as well. He is an elite scorer who can shoot out to 25 feet and then has the athleticism to finish over people and put them on a poster. Quite simply Newman can score every way possible and he proved it, even if in a supporting role.

Omar Sherman has offers from Miami, Weber State, and Wichita State. Also interest is coming from Colorado State, Nebraska, Purdue, and Marquette.

Ben Lammers said Purdue has recently gotten involved in his recruitment.

Mitch Solomon has offers from Tulsa, Oral Roberts, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and Kent State to go with interest from Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, and Kansas.

Elbert Robinson was tracked by Tim Miles of Nebraska and Billy Kennedy of Texas A&M. Also assistants from Georgetown, Missouri, Louisville, SMU, Georgia Tech, TCU, Texas, and Tennessee were there.

Michael Humphrey had Mark Few and Tim Miles in attendance along with assistants from New Mexico, Colorado, St. John's, Georgia Tech, and Stanford.

Rick Ray of Mississippi State was tracking Makinde London. Also London had assistants from Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Georgia Tech, and Houston.

Mark Few was the lone coach watching Josh Perkins.

D.J. Hogg, Tyler Davis, and Alex Robinson had Larry Brown of SMU, Danny Manning of Tulsa, Tubby Smith of Texas Tech, Lon Kruger of Oklahoma, Scott Drew of Baylor, and Bob Huggins of WVU on their trail. Also assistants from Texas, Tennessee, Pitt, and Georgia Tech were spotted

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