Live in AC: Day One

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - Live in AC kicked off with a solid night of action. Abdul-Malik Abu stood out with his play.

Abdul-Malik Abu, PF, Expressions Elite – Even without food or water in his system due to Ramadan, Abu dominated the action. Always someone who plays hard and with athleticism, Abu attacked the rim off the bounce and also finished over defenders. With his team completely overwhelming the opponent, Abu took full advantage and completely and totally dominated on both ends of the floor with his combination of strength, skill, and athleticism.

Jared Terrell, SF, Expressions Elite – While Abu was the star of the show, Terrell wasn't too far behind him. Terrell almost hurt himself on a dunk, but outside of that there wasn't much negative from his performance. He hit a few shots, but mostly it was straight line drives to the rim where he would overpower defenders and finish with athleticism.

Dominique Uhl, PF, Jersey Shore Warriors – This is a kid who is starting to get a ton of hype in the Northeast, and he does have some ability. Uhl can handle it pretty well for being 6-foot-8 and is a pretty good athlete. He absolutely must get stronger, and he isn't the most instinctive player. Right now Uhl is more prospect than player, but there are some tools to work with.

Ben Bentil, PF, We R 1 – A freakish combination of size and athleticism, Bentil was solid in an evening win. He had a few high level dunks and overall was in control of the action on the glass. Bentil isn't a great threat on offense, and can be limited when not around the rim, but he is strong, has live athleticism, and is capable of making plays.

Ismael Sanogo, SF/PF, New Jersey Roadrunners – There is no doubt that Sanogo can compete athletically. The recent Seton Hall pledge showed his big time athleticism with a few highlight quality blocks on the defensive end. Offensively he looked very raw and unrefined, but at the same time he did play hard. Sanogo will need to improve his skill set going forward.

Isaiah Briscoe, SG, New Jersey Playaz – One of the premier scorers in the class, Briscoe had a solid showing despite his team taking the loss. He had a few big time moves going to the rim and finishing through contact, and then Briscoe can also create space for himself on the perimeter using the dribble. Also Briscoe mixed in a few nice passes for buckets.

Chris Silva, PF, New Jersey Roadrunners – Silva really burst onto the scene at the Nike Elite 100 in June, and he showed again here that he is someone who can really play. He is long, athletic, and even though he doesn't have a great understanding of the game he knows how to make plays. The more experience that Silva gets the better he will be. Right now he is a bit of a work in progress but he shows enough flashes consistently that it looks like he will be a sure high-major recruit.

Derrick Jones, SF, We R 1 – By his standards it was a fairly quiet game. Jones only had a few highlight worthy plays, but none the less he still stood out. Jones is as good of an athlete as you will see in the country, and his ball handling continues to improve. Right now Jones must work on his outside jumper, but he still is an elite prospect.

Dominique Uhl has offers from Boston College, Temple, Iowa, Maryland, Penn State, and St. Joe's

Fran McCaffery from Iowa, Fan Dunphy of Temple, and Steve Donahue from Boston College were the head coaches present for Dominique Uhl.

Pitt watched Isaiah Briscoe

Abdul-Malik Abu and Jared Terrell attracted Kevin Ollie, Danny Hurley, Eddie Jordan, and assistants from St. John's, NC State, Providence, Florida, and Kansas State.

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