Las Vegas: Day One Recap

LAS VEGAS - The first day of July's Las Vegas AAU events provided the opportunity to see many young prospects on the West Coast. Chase Jeter especially used the opportunity to prove how far he's come as a prospect.

Ronnie Harrell, WF, Billups Elite: If someone told you that Harrell was a legitimate Class of 2016 prospect, you'd have every reason to believe it. He has a young face and young, underdeveloped body, which typically points to youth. But Harrell is a rising senior and his physical maturation lacks simply because he has undergone a dramatic growth spurt over the past year. He has sprouted to 6-6 and into a proper wing with excellent ball skills, including tricky dribble moves and slick passing ability. Those qualities likely will place him on the high-major level, with two major questions still to be answered.

First, when and to what extent will his athleticism improve? He's reasonably quick but doesn't jump all that well, no doubt due at least in part to the growth spurt. His late maturation reminds of both Stephen and Seth Curry, and while Harrell is unlikely to be recruited at that level perhaps he'll enjoy the same late-athleticism phenomenon. The other question is less related to his height, and that's his jump shot. He's reputedly a jump shooter and he does possess fine touch and range, but his release is extremely low (chin level) and he takes a set shot. Big-time defenders will disrupt his release at the college level, and altering his mechanics should stand as a priority. All that said, his overall improvement and recruiting acceleration — as evidenced by the number and caliber of coaches watching him — paint a very sunny picture.

Temidayo Yussuf, PF, Oakland Rebels: Lower mid-major schools in the West are battling for Yussuf, an unspectacular yet effective big man who understands his strengths and limitations. A product of Alameda (Calif.) St. Joseph, Yussuf actually plays more of a center role for the Rebels but at 6-7 projects as a power forward for college. He didn't showcase much offense on day one, but he pulled down several rebounds in traffic and didn't appear hesitant to mix it up inside.

Matt Ryan, WF, New Heights 16s — This wing forward at New Rochelle (N.Y.) Iona Prep has boosted his stock considerably with coaches while continuing to fly under the radar with scouts. But that's not going to remain the case much longer, as he's going to command more offers from the high-major level. Ryan isn't a great athlete by any means and he'll need to improve his dribbling to compensate, but he possesses a fine three-point stroke that he wields confidently from all angles. He's also a tough, intelligent competitor and has good court vision as a passer. His overall self-confidence appears high and he's a diligent defender as well, if not someone who projects ever to be a lockdown guy.

Anthony Mathis, SG, Team FAST 16U: This rising junior shooting guard brings a lot to the table. Mathis really plays hard, especially on defense where his quick hands helped him come up with several deflections and steals on Wednesday. He hit at least three three-pointers - two off the catch and one off the pull – and just missed a couple others. Mathis also had a really nice looking floater from about 10-feet out and came up with rebounds on both ends. Mathis has pretty good length and a slight frame that still has plenty of room to fill out.

Nicholas Pete, PF, Compton Magic Select: A very good athlete with size and length, Pete is usually good for some highlight reel plays and on Wednesday he delivered by attacking the offensive glass for tip dunks and putbacks, On defense he contested shots and came away with some blocks. He's going to have to really work on his skill level, but he's always going to have upside due to his athleticism at that size.

Cameron Walker, SF/PF, Compton Magic Select: Walker gave pretty good effort in this game and it put him in position to get a lot of easy points around the basket. He got out in traffic and beat the defense down the court, scoring several points off alley-oop dunks and lay-ups. It looks like he's working on his floater and he hit two of three that he attempted, using the glass on one of them.

Sedrick Barefield, PG, Compton Magic Select: Barefield is a better shooter than he showed on Wednesday, but still did a lot of things well. He made some very nice passes in transition, doing a good job finding Cam Walker open around the basket. He scored on a runner with the foul and had a big time one-handed dunk in transition, while also getting to the basket whenever the defense gave him space.

Austin Conway, PG, Colorado Hawks 16U: One of the fastest point guards in the country regardless of class, the key for Conway is going to be developing his point guard skills while also becoming a consistent shooter. It wasn't his game Wednesday, as his jumper wasn't falling and he wasn't finishing as well as he could. In the second half, Conway did a better job of creating for teammates off the dribble, and the more of that he can do, the better his stock as a prospect will be.

Chase Jeter, C, DreamVision 16U: This kid continues to progress nicely. Jeter's frame has only gotten better over time as he has good size, shoulders and length. He was very aggressive early, trying to dunk everything around the basket and used some impressive footwork to free himself up for easy baskets. Jeter also stepped out to hit a 10-footer on the baseline. He rebounded well on both ends, blocked shots and played hard. Jeter is still very physically immature and when he is able to finally put on some strength, his game is going to go to the next level.

Nick Blair, SF, DreamVision 16U: An extremely athletic small forward, Blair hit one long midrange jumper, but other than that did two things at a very high level – block shots and finish in the paint. Blair has pretty good timing as a shot blocker and uses his size and athleticism to swat shots away from defenders, and he always is out in transition getting ready to finish well above the rim. He's going to have to work on his handle so he can create more off the dribble, but he does have upside due to his athleticism.

Paris Austin, PG, DreamVision 16U: Austin has definitely progressed since his high school season. He's a small point guard but very quick and defenders were having a tough time keeping him out of the lane. He didn't shoot much and did miss some lay-ups, but his quick hands and speed helped him pick up steals and take them the other way for transition baskets and assists on the break. He's improved his stock and it will be interesting to see where he can take his game over the next year.

Payton Pritchard, PG, Team FAST 16U: A true point guard that does a good job controlling the tempo and making teammates better, Pritchard has proven himself as a dependable player and didn't disappoint here. He doesn't force the action and sees the court well; when a teammate gets open inside, Pritchard makes the entry pass immediately. He didn't take a ton of shots and the ones he took weren't falling, but he's proven himself to be a capable shooter in the past. He changed speeds well and defenders weren't able to get him rattled under pressure.

De'Ron Davis, C, Colorado Hawks: A big kid with extremely wide shoulders that is going to be a tough, physical, very strong post in time, Davis didn't get a ton of touches on Wednesday, but for the most part took advantage of the opportunities he received. Davis had a smooth looking right handed hook shot, something he hasn't shown a ton of in the past, he scored off a couple offensive rebounds and got to the free throw line. He's going to have to become a better rebounder for his size, but his physical intangibles give him a lot to work with moving forward.

Isaiah Robinson, C, ICP 16U: It didn't take long to figure out that former NBA player Cliff Robinson's son was a player. Despite being slight physically, the younger Robinson blocked 8 shots in the first half, showing very good timing going after everything in the paint. Robinson has soft hands, did a nice job on the offensive glass and finished well in the paint. He still has a lot of room to grow physically and it will be interesting what his athleticism looks like when he fills out more, but he's clearly a really intriguing young center prospect.

* Compton Magic Select center Nick Pallas played hard and came up with some rebounds but it was his passing out of the high post that was especially impressive.

* Colorado Hawks' 2015 forward Troy Green is a long athlete who played hard, fought for rebounds and finished in the paint.

Paris Austin has offers from San Jose State, Boise State and Utah State.

De'Ron Davis has an offer from Indiana with interest from Arkansas, Colorado, Duke, Kansas, Arizona and Arizona State.

Leonard Hamilton and Bruce Weber were among the head coaches in attendance for Harrell, who didn't play his best game but did showcase substantial talent.

Matt Ryan drew the attention of Mike Montgomery and assistants from Notre Dame, Arizona State, Clemson, West Virginia and others.

Washington State head coach Ken Bone, two assistants from New Mexico and assistants from Gonzaga, Oregon State, Fresno State and Portland watched Team FAST guards Payton Pritchard and Anthony Mathis.

Mike Montgomery, Tad Boyle and an assistant, Rodney Terry and an assistant, Bruce Weber and assistants from Washington State, Vanderbilt and UCLA checked out Nicholas Pete, Cameron Walker, Sedrick Barefield, De'Ron Davis and Austin Conway.

Mike Montgomery and an assistant as well as coaches from Santa Clara, UNLV, Colorado and San Jose State watched Chase Jeter, Nick Blair and Paris Austin.

* Josh Gershon and Rob Harrington contributed to this report.

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