About Premium Subscriptions

On Monday, BlueChipHoops began its premium-based subscription service.


On Monday, Aug. 13, this site launched its premium content campaign. It's been in the works for a while and we have now come full circle. The site will continue to provide you with breaking recruiting stories, coverage of tournaments, exclusive shot charts and the most accurate information the net has ever scene in terms of college basketball recruiting.

At $5.95 monthly, the price of a subscription is about 19 cents a day, a small price to pay for your daily dose of recruiting scuttlebutt. The information age of basketball recruiting on the net tells us that charging for content is the wave of the future in our industry and it's what we need to do to be successful.

I want to thank those who opt to subscribe in advance for their commitment and loyalty to this site. As the main producer of information for this site, you have my commitment that I will continue to strive to make BlueChipHoops.com the undisputed No. 1 vehicle for fast, accurate and timely basketball recruiting information the net.


Dave Telep, Citadel Partners National Recruiting Director

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