Vegas Takeout: Two young Cali wings

LAS VEGAS — The Pangos 16-under Elite Silver team may not be a top priority for many college coaches or scouts, but the squad is brimming with high-major talent.

Two of the most notable are Jayce Johnson and Roman Davis, a pair of California natives and both celebrated prospects on the West Coast.

Johnson is a 6-10 sophomore center who runs the floor well and has the kind of body (he's likely at least 220 pounds now) that will enable him to become a power big man down the road.

He also has the makings of a post offensive game. He can turn on either shoulder and deliver hooks with his right or left hand. He's so effective with those hooks that it's difficult to tell whether he's a righty or lefty.

From a total athletic standpoint he certainly has a long way to go, but he also loads of time to do it. Most "big men" at that age are more like 6-7, and at 6-10 Johnson doesn't need to grow any further in order to prepare for his future position.

Davis, meanwhile, is a 2015 wing and possesses quite a few tools in his arsenal. He's an angular athlete with long legs and he strides the court gracefully. He also maneuvers his way into tight spaces as a slasher and, like Johnson, finishes with either hand.

He didn't attempt many jump shots during my viewing, but the 12-footer he missed from the baseline looked okay. His top priority should be to improve his dribbling in order to potentially move to shooting guard at some point in the future.

California produces so much talent that, more than perhaps anywhere else, big-time prospects get overlooked even when they play well at major events. Years ago, I watched Damian Lillard light up with the Las Vegas sky and wondered why he didn't have a bigger reputation.

That said, in other states both Johnson and Davis would receive much more attention. Neither is a superstar at this moment and perhaps neither ever will become one, but clearly they've made an impression this week.

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