Breaking down Larry Austin

Here is a look at what Tennessee is getting in three-star point guard Larry Austin.

On Thursday at his high school Springfield (Ill.) Lanphier standout Larry Austin made the decision to commit to Tennessee. The three-star point guard has long been on the national radar, and now he will play his basketball in the SEC. Here is a look at what Austin brings to the table.

On Offense

This is where Austin is a bit of a work in progress. Austin has the size, speed, and ball handling ability to get into the lane whenever he wants. In fact Austin is at his best off of the high ball screen where he can attack going north and south.

Also one thing that Austin does well is see the court. Austin is someone who can make some very good passes and once he gets into the lane he looks to set up others first as opposed to create for himself.

Austin's speed and strength going right to the cup make him someone who can be effective on the offensive end, but he also has two big holes in his game on offense.

Shooting the basketball and turnovers have been his two issues all high school career, and right now they still exist. Because he has always been able to get to the basket since he was very young, Austin seemingly never got comfortable shooting the basketball from deep.

In EYBL play Austin only shot five threes in 18 games, and only connected on one of those attempts. Also from the foul line he only shot 58 percent, so it is clear that making shots is something that he struggles with, and it does allow defenders to play off of him, and in turn sometimes limits his ability to do what he does best which is get into the lane.

Also Austin has a problem in that he will turn the ball over. While he is a good passer, he tries to make the flashy pass too often. Now this is something that can be cleaned up fairly easily in college, but it is also a growth area that he needs to work on.

On Defense

While Austin is a work in progress on the offensive end, on defense he is one of the best in the country. Quite simply Austin is as good guarding the ball as any point guard in the country.

Physically Austin is tough for most opposing point guards to deal with when he is locked in on defense. Austin has strength, athleticism, and great lateral quickness. All of that allows Austin to bump dribblers off their path, keep the offensive player in front of him, and also he causes turnovers with that as well due to quick hands.

Beyond that, Austin also plays hard. Defense often times can be about focus and effort, and Austin very, very rarely lacks in those two areas. He is one of the tougher kids out there and is someone who knows how to lock in and takes pride in his defense.

Even beyond just guarding the ball, Austin shows a good feel for being in his gap and knows how and when to play passing lanes.

Overall he is simply one of the better defensive guards because he can guard multiple positions, and can do it at a very high level.

Overall Game

Overall Austin's game is one that will directly translate. You know exactly what type of player he will be from day one. His strengths project and then his weaknesses will need to be addressed.

If Austin can get a bit more reliable on the offensive end he is someone who could be a multi-year starter in college, and be a very strong contributor going forward.

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