Scouting Devin Mitchell

Less than a week after chopping his list down to eight, shooting guard Devin Mitchell came to a decision. Here is a look at what the four-star prospect will bring to the table in college.


When looking at Devin Mitchell this is easy to breakdown. He does one thing exceedingly well, and that is shoot the basketball. Being able to make shots is the single most important and irreplaceable skill in the game, and Mitchell does it at a high level.

In fact there might not be more than a handful of kids in the country who have a better ability to make shots than Mitchell. Mitchell, when he is put in catch and shoot situations, is as good as it gets and can be very efficient with his production, as he doesn't take a lot of bad shots, and usually makes the good ones that he takes.

Also Mitchell is someone who is a pretty good athlete with decent size. At roughly 6-foot-2 with long arms, Mitchell can score even when players are defending him, and on top of that has the athleticism to rise and fire over a defensive player if their hands aren't high.

Beyond that Mitchell shows the potential to be a versatile defender who could guard all over the court as he continues to get stronger and pays more attention on that end.

Still with Mitchell it is about making shots. It is his one true skill, and he has it at a very high level. When put in the right position to showcase his ability, Mitchell absolutely can make things happen from beyond the arc.


As good as Mitchell is shooting the basketball, the problem with his offensive game is his production can be tied almost exclusively to his ability to make shots.

The most glaring evidence of this is in his EYBL stats. Mitchell in 18 games only got to the foul line six times. That is nearly impossible for a kid who averaged a shot roughly every 1.8 minutes he was on the court.

What that shows is he isn't comfortable or particularly good at attacking the rim. Also Mitchell is someone who when he tries to do things other than shoot, he can get bogged down. Mitchell has a bad case of sticky fingers with the ball and can really over dribble while not going anywhere with that dribble.

He needs to learn the difference between what he can do and what he does well. When Mitchell doesn't try to do too much he is an efficient and productive shooter. When Mitchell tries to go outside of his comfort zone is when his game takes a nose dive, and right now he is still learning that.


Overall there is no replacing the ability to make shots, and that is what has Mitchell as a four-star prospect. He was one of the best shooters in the EYBL for the Georgia Stars, and then followed that up with a solid July showing with the Southern Kings.

Still there is some major room for improvement with Mitchell. He is someone who could develop into one of the most feared long range snipers in college basketball with a pure stroke and a quick trigger. Now he needs to either refine the other parts of his game or focus on his strengths to bring the true skillset he possesses out at the highest possible level.

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