Winslow Still at Eight

Houston (Tex.) St. John's School small forward Justise Winslow has gone back and forth over the past few months on narrowing his list...

When we spoke to Justise Winslow in April, he told us at the time that he planned to trim his list to a top five soon after. May, June, and July have come and gone, and Winslow's list still stands at eight schools, with no clear standouts in the group.

"Pretty much all of them are even at this point," Winslow said. "I wish I could tell you something different, but that's the truth."

For Winslow, the difficulty in choosing might come from the quality of the choices. The "them" he refers to constitutes a list of basketball blue bloods. Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, UCLA, Florida, Arizona, Texas A&M and Stanford. Winslow is hoping to gain some measure of clarity by the end of August, when he plans to trim his list.

"I'm hoping by the end of the month I can be at a top five or six," Winslow said. "I want to plan some official visits, and that's just not going to work with eight schools since you only get five, so I need to figure that out."

Winslow said that all eight schools are recruiting him equally hard, and that the decision to narrow his list at the end of the month could be a difficult one.

He also said that he doesn't really have a time frame for a decision at this point, saying that he could wait until spring if the choice isn't obvious by the early signing period in November. He's hoping, too, to take all of his officials before making a choice.

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