Three visits set for Wacker

Texas big man David Wacker had a very solid July, and now three official visits have been set.

All July the South Texas Spurs were attracting significant interest from college coaches. A big reason for that was the presence of David Wacker. A legit 6-foot-9 versatile post prospect, Wacker had a solid showing and is entertaining offers from numerous colleges.

Overall Wacker was happy with his play in July. He worked hard to get into the best shape of his life, and he feels as though it paid off.

"I can't complain," said Wacker of his play. "I feel like I am in the best place I ever have been in terms of mentality and how I approach the game. I helped lead our team to victories, and that is the most important thing for me. Overall the last three tournaments were great, I was in the best shape I ever have been, and I think I played well."

Recruiting wise Wacker has already set three visits, and is considering others.

"Right now I have three visits set up," said Wacker. "Those are to Nebraska, Boise State, those are right away. The third one will be Western Kentucky. Those are the three schools that have recruited me for the longest time."

He continued, "Right now there are a few other schools in the mix for the last few spots if I choose to visit them. The other options are Boston College, Saint Louis, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas Tech."

The first visit will be to Nebraska, a school that has been very heavy in their pursuit of Wacker.

"Nebraska has been there for a long time," said Wacker. "I really excited about this month and visiting them. I really love the coaches and having the opportunity to play Big Ten basketball. I am looking forward to seeing campus for myself and all of the stuff they have been doing with the new facilities and the new arena."

After Nebraska will be a trip to Boise State. The Broncos have put in a significant amount of work with Wacker so far.

"I feel like I have the best relationship with them because in the spring I got to visit in the head coach and the assistant coach," explained Wacker. "I got to talk to them in my house, and it was a great start. What intrigues me about them is I think they have a legit opportunity to be at the top of the Mountain West. They have some great guards that are going to be impact players, and now they have to make sure they get a big guy, and they are telling me I am the guy for them. Their style of play and how they would use me is also very important and why I like them."

The third visit will be to Western Kentucky, and there is a significant tie between Ray Harper and the Wacker family.

"My dad knows the head coach, Ray Harper, really well," noted Wacker. "They were college roommates for two years at Texas, so I have known him my whole life. He is a fantastic coach and out of his 12 years as a head coach he has been to the national tournament nine times and has won it four times. He has been a winner from the very beginning, and I think they are a team to watch in the years to come."

For now Wacker has a plan, but he knows in recruiting things can change.

"We know nothing is ever set in stone in the recruiting process," noted Wacker. "It is going to be a fluid process and I am happy about my top two of Nebraska and Boise and I am visiting them first. My plan is to take those visits, and if I feel like I want to commit to one of them I will. If I not I will go on other visits."

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