Visits about to begin for White

Paul White is busy rehabbing a broken arm, but that hasn't stopped the four-star prospect from setting up official visits.

Four-star forward Paul White had a tough end to his summer. At the Peach Jam he suffered a broken arm, but that hasn't slowed White or his recruitment down at all. The Chicago (Ill) Whitney Young standout is now beginning to set his visits.

The first thing for White is to get healthy, and right now he says things are going as well as they can be.

"I got the splint off now, and right now all my focus is on rehab," said White. "Everything is good. The doctor said the bone is healing the way that it should. I am not sure when I will get back on the floor though. It all depends on the rehab."

As would be expected given his skillset at 6-foot-8, White's recruitment hasn't slowed down at all because of the injury.

"The main coaches have been Arizona, Georgetown, Minnesota, Connecticut, and DePaul," said White.

When it comes to visits, several are being planned, and White knows which school he will see first.

"I know I have one official set up to Arizona September 6-8," said White. "I know have some other visits planned, but I don't know those dates for sure. I know for a fact Arizona is the first one though."

Arizona has been recruiting White for a long time, and he says he has built an excellent relationship with the coaching staff. Now White is looking forward to taking that trip out West.

"Going out there I am just trying to see if I can fit in with their program," said White. "I want to see if I am able to fit in with the guys and the coaching staff. I am confident I am able to get along with the coaching staff since I have been in contact with them since my freshman year."

He continued about the Wildcats, "The main coach I have been talking to is Coach Book Richardson as well as Coach Sean Miller. We just have a really great relationship and there is a reason why it is my first official visit."

Another school that is likely to get a visit is Minnesota. Head Coach Richard Pitino has made White a focus since being named head coach.

"Ever since Coach Pitino got that job he has been texting me and keeping in contact," White explained. "The things he has been saying have let me know how much he wants me and how he feels about me as a player. He feels I could be a big threat in the program, and he seems like a coach who would want the best for me not only as a player, but as a person. Stuff like that is kind of what attracts you to a coach."

One of the coaches who has been recruiting White the longest is Tavaras Hardy. Hardy started recruiting White to Northwestern, but now he is at Georgetown, and White is very interested in the Big East program.

"Coach Hardy, I have been in contact with him since my freshman year," said White. "We actually lived in the same neighborhood when he coached at Northwestern. Him and I have kept a close relationship, and him going to Georgetown really improved our relationship and my relationship with Georgetown."

While White is away from basketball right now due to injury, he knows it is just something you have to overcome. Still even with an injury, White is working hard to improve.

"I am a person who has been through a whole lot of things, so I know you can't dwell on one thing," said White. "You have to move on to the next thing. Of course I miss playing basketball, but I have been finding ways to improve anyway. I have been doing a lot of things with my left hand, and I am really improving my weak hand. Also I have been working to keep my body in shape and do better with my nutrition."

He continued, "To be honest I don't view this as a break from the game. Instead I see it as working on my game from a different angle."

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